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Anjoong: Jo's sister's place.


I had the most interesting adventure since my departure from Gwangju...

Yesterday, I bought the ticket to Pyeongtaek. For 5,500won from Daejeon on the Mugunghwa.

It was the right ticket.

So I went on board to the right platform.
Right platform.
Right ticket.

But when I boarded the train, I realised it was the wrong train.
Instead of the Mugunghwa, it was the KTX.

Trying not to panic, I spoke to the steward...

He asked me to sit down. A stewardess came in and read through this electronic handheld in her hand. She printed it out. Then told me to take the next train back to Pyeongtaek when I arrived in Seoul.

So then I finally arrived in Pyeongtaek. Jo told me to take the intercity-bus from the bus terminal nearby. The ticket costs 1,700won. By the time I arrived, it was almost 5pm.

Slept for an hour. Then we all headed for dinner in Jo's brother-in-law's chinese restaurant in Anjoong.

The entire night, we watch MBC's High Kick Over The Roof episode on Youtube.
Woke up at almost mid-day... my arms are sore from lugging my luggage around town... crazy!!!

I made my leave for Seoul. Bought the ticket for Seoul from the Anjoong Inter-City Bus Terminal.
Fare was 5,700won.

The journey took about 2 hours downtown, as it had to stop in Pyeongtaek (same bus that goes to Anjoong), as well that it was peak hours in the evening.

I am just going to stay in today. It's really too cold to go anyway. -15 degrees celcius was the temperature this morning. Factor in the cold wind, that would be almost -22 degrees!!

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