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What to say when sales assistant hard-push you!

This is for all you bloggers out there-- who are too afraid when you head to the salon.

When sales personnel are being pushy, think of it as a game.

Kudos to my fellow mate, Janice, who hails from the same slimming salon I frequent. She gave me some ideas of what to say (in typical Malaysian style that works!). 
  • I got money. I don't want to buy. Can or Not?
  • I never sign on the spot. If I want, I'll come back.
  • I'll think about it. (and give stern look, if they say it second time). 
If they say, the promotion is only good for today, say:
  • Then I pay more lah if i want to join. (Wait for that shocked look from the BA's face).


    When calling up to make an appointment:
    When asking how long it will take, if the manager says 2 1/2 hour- and they say one hour for consultation say:
    • I give only 1/2 hour consultation. If you need another 1/2 hour, you can talk when I am in the mask! (muahahaha) Half an hour is more than good enough for consultation.
    Validity of the Voucher: 

    Even if the voucher says it expires in 30th November, the management of the outlet has every authority to
    "extend" its validity just to capture that sales

    Just like the Asterspring promotion for the free micro mini facial, anything in black & white is still "changeable" depending whether it is in the Management's interest or not. As those who knew, people who signed up for the Asterspring promotion, still got called to go in. So nothing is impossible. 

    Be prepared to walk away from the table... and mean it:
    Harvey Mackay (1988) in his book, "Swim With The Sharks- Without Being Eaten Alive" says,

    "The Single Most Powerful Tool for Winning a Negotiation is the ability to walk away FROM the table WITHOUT a deal. Whether it is labour negotiation, an acquisition, or a real-estate deal, don't deceive yourself into believing that just because its negotiable, that it has to be negotiated.

    Deals SELDOM GET WORSE when you walk away from the table.

    You'll be able to go back to the table and get even better terms!"


    Jean said...

    Haha.. I also say this: "I'll think about it. "
    Must keep calm and try not listen to him/her anymore after say this, and walk away. lol

    Foxy Frangipani said...

    Hahaha I like the first and the fourth reply :D

    Janice said...

    hie, its janice here. finally... i read this =) yes it's a game. dun succumb to pressure,gals. stand up to those sales personnels. learn how to say No today. "offending" them is part of life. (it's fun too if u learn how to master the game hahhhaha)

    CY said...

    Hei Janice--

    Yes finally.....

    People who are prim & proper like me--- hahahaha..... find it difficult to "offend" others..


    Okay-- maybe my new mantra now is--

    Offend A Sales Person a Day,
    Keeps the Money In the Pocket Each Day.

    Janice said...

    yeah baby. take the 1st step and you will soon handle them like me. i eat pushy sales person for breakfast. hahahahahahahaha

    CY said...

    Fe Fi Fo Fummm

    I smell a "pushy salesperson" in the house...

    Yum Yum Yum.

    Zoeyhanz said...

    like it^^
    especially the words frm the book u sharing^^
    thanks for sharing^^

    Margaret said...

    I'm a sales assistant and I just wanted to say that it's completely unnecessary to say such rude things as you've listed above when we attempt to sell you something. We're paid a pittance to be pushed around by rude customers. If we aren't consistently mentioning a promotion/offer, we get yelled at by our managers. I agree some people get pushy but seriously, just say politely, "No thanks, I'm not interested." We're doing our best.

    CY said...

    Yo woman, chill man.

    Perhaps you may not have had the bad experience, but a lot of the readers here have had really bad experience with the pushy salesperson.

    As you can see, the juncture of my entry is directed especially to the readers who have had bad experiences when we head to a salon for the "free trial".

    The problem with saying "No thanks, I'm not interested', is especially prevalent when we are ignored when we head to a salon.

    I've had so many bad experiences with "free trials" where the personnel thoroughly badger us to "upgrade" or buy one entire package when we are not interested.

    And when we don't, they pull long faces and stuff.

    Its worst when they "recruit" in almost two three other sales staff to try to "overwhelm" us into buying it. Which is totally unethical.

    Its all right to mention the promotion, as we know is part of the personnel's job to promote. But not when the company uses funny and unethical strategies to get clients to buy.

    Janice said...

    Margaret, I'm also doing sales and there are tactful ways to persuade a customer to purchase items or services. We're actually targeting a couple of industries that we've personally experienced and they are indeed extremely pushy to the point of harrassment, thus encouraging us to speak out. I hv also met very nice sales ppl that knows when to stop when the client says no. So there is a difference. You could hv been tactful in trying to push for a sales but u must know, not everyone is like u.

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