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My First Clarins Haul: The 'Hippo" Christmas Starter Kits.

Due to a tip off from Tammy, I had gone searching at Pavilion & Lot 10 for the Christmas set... yet could not find any..
  • Parkson Sungai Wang- the BA pointed to a Clarins make-up starter kit (didn't see no hippo on it.). 
  • Lot 10- didn't see no hippo.
  • Parksons Pavilion- didn't see no hippo. 
  • Mid Valley Metrojaya Clarins- didn't see no hippo. 
Until.... I headed over to Mid Valley Jusco Clarins---

and there it was.... heaps!

The Hippo Set (Body Starter Kit)

When I approached the counter, the BA (sorry, did not take note of name) came forward. She tried to "up-size" me to the bigger sized sets, saying that its only for a few uses, but I insisted on the starter kits.

Me: It's my first time trying out Clarins. I want to see how my skin responds to it.
BA: No no.. it's very safe. Made from plants.. safe safe. You should get bigger size!

Obviously not all recommendations are taken. >.<

The Bunny Set (Matt Face)

Later, she then recommended that I get the Bunny Set (Matt Face set). The BA also insisted it was suitable for combination/dry skin, although it clearly states Combination/Oily on it.

Well, what do you think? 


    Jean said...

    waa..u actually go around to look for it!!
    But the box are cute wor~~
    dun think i wanna try their product yet although I like their treatment~

    CY said...


    Hei.. that's what you call having

    "too much free time with nothing else better to do on a day off".

    ANyways, i have yet to try their facial treatments.

    Since the starter kits are out, might as well.

    And definitely much cheaper than Sothys--

    I have a feeling I won't be buying much of Sothys... Their products are way too premium priced for me to reach....

    Miu said...

    wow the words u use to describe your hunt is..dam cute.. haha

    xxx no hippo
    xxxx no hippo..

    xxx hippo!

    ahhaa..then u bought bunny!!

    hmm the items in the bunny set, the serum ok (our tzone normally oily) then the mask is great for that moisture surge. Gentle foaming cleanser :) any skin can use, even sensitive.

    The toning lotion however i never use b4.. but should be ok unless it's too try for your skin yap.

    Test first :D

    Nania Collection said...

    Can tell us how many ml does d starter kid contact?

    Hippo & Bunny.


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