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Modern Home & Citibank Expo: 4th-6th Dec Midvalley (MVEC)

I'll be busy at work this week.

Meanwhile, keep yourselves occupied by heading over to the Modern Home & Citibank cardholders exhibition at Mid Valley (MVEC) this weekend (Friday - Sunday). 11am- 9pm.

There'll be a number of lifestyle merchants in Hall 1:
  • Slimming Sanctuary - Check out their affordable first trial spa & massage 'roadshow only' promo.
  • Bizzy Body - Free "Flat Tummy" voucher, Nutri Essential Facial for RM83 (NP RM200+)  Lipo Draining first trial 'roadshow only' promo.
  • Tsuya-Tsuya - Check out their skincare & make-up 'roadshow only' promotions. Free crystal toe-rings with RM50 purchase.
  • Vista Eye Specialist- Free Eye Test & 'roadshow only' promo.
  • Optimax - Free Eye Test & 'roadshow only' promo.
  • Pathlab - Free goodie bag worth RM35 with any purchase. An additional "Handy Vibration Massager" worth RM50 with purchase of RM500.
  • JCMS- Pay for heavily discounted products, and redeem a wide range of products from Samsung mobile phones, Casio Sheen watches, Philips MP4 players, and other household items using your Citibank points.
  • Participate in daily nightly Lucky Draw with any purchase of RM100 in a single receipt.
  • For more information on the Citibank promotions, please click here.

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