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Kiehl's Christmas Party 2009 @ Pavilion KL

Its the most awaited & exciting Christmas event organised by Kiehl's for the year! Held at Pavilion KL on 17th Dec 09, I attended as a guest under Wendy. Thanks, Wendy!! 

It was a hectic work day on 17th Dec, as I had much before-the-holidays work to attend to, and everything was in a mess! But the thought of attending the Kiehl's party cheered me up.

By the time I left the office, it was already 6pm, and I would have got caught in the terrible traffic if it were not for the SMART highway! Thank the Lord for highways! It took a further half an hour after arriving near the Golden Triangle junction to be able to move past the heavy traffic.

The games had already ended by 7pm-- but I managed to meet up with the other bloggers who turned up for the event! There was a galore of food awaiting..... (sorry, was too busy eating to take any pictures of the mouthwatering food. YUM!)

Group Picture!

Tammy & Jean

Jean & Wendy

Zoe and me met Nadia, one of ladies from Kiehl's marketing Department... who kindly gave us the samples below..


Our Goodie Bag! Zoe & I got the same samples! Pix copyright Zoe.


Jean said...

Nice outing..
Why din write about parkson Xmas Party ah??lol

I saved all the photos and upload the facebook

Jean said...

I used some of your photos in my post..

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