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Beauty Diary: My Day at Bella Luna & Pavilion.

Today was my day off from work. This is the record of what I did today.

Bella Luna @ Berjaya Times Square.
Made an appointment at noon to go in for a body massage/treatment & facial therapy.

Body Massage- Therapist- Brenda.
She is an ajumma in her mid 40s-50s. Has strong hands. Did not use any utensil like (i.e. guasa) for the massage. Brenda did try to recommend some of the company's products- but I did not respond. She mostly speaks Cantonese.

Facial Therapy: Therapist- Gigi.
She is a young lady in her early 20s. Rather chatty. Today she performed the Revitalizing Rolling Therapy on my face.

I realised later that she performed the Rolling Therapy (or rose quartz facial, as what their staff call it) as she overheard me asking her colleague about it on the phone. Gigi also remembers me from the expo where I had signed up for their trial package in July. When I asked if I had to "top-up" for the facial, she said that this one has already been factored into the package.

Gigi asked me about the Cosmecnique face mask I had bought previously, which I told her I had already finished using it. She also trimmed my eye-brows for me. Brenda did not recommend any products to me as I told her that I was using another skincare product given by another friend. She also mostly speaks Cantonese. I'd recommend this therapist if any of you guys are thinking of going there for a facial.

Prior to this, I mostly had the Natural Silk Face Brightening Treatment on me. According to their menu, the rose quartz facial is Bella Luna's signature face therapy.

Post Treatment-
As usual, I signed out by initializing my name on the profile card. The sales assistant tried recommending me their Cosmecnique Oxy facial package, retailing for about two grand for 10 times, (NP.RM4000). I told her I'd think about it.

The Pavilion
After my massage at Bella Luna, I headed over to Pavilion. Did you know there is a great "chee-cheong-fun' in the corridor thoroughfare leading to the back entrance of Sungai Wang building? 

The few-reindeer open sleigh waiting for Santa Claus.

The RM500 purchase "instant gift".

The RM1000 "instant gift" set.

128 Faubourg @ Pavillion- Seventh Heaven. 

 My 2 piece starter GWP kit.

I went to collect my two piece GWP starter kit set- Lightening Lotion (40ml) & Morning Cleanser (15ml) worth RM120. It is part of the GWP included in the "cheaper" trial facial package offered by 128 Faubourg when customers go in for their first facial. Similar practice to Leonard Drake/Asterspring.

When I was there, I overheard an Australian-Born Chinese girl (in her late teens) asking on behalf of her Hong Kong mother- to one of the BA, Queenie, for skincare samples. The BA then took out the samples from the closet (under strict lock & key?) two samples of the products.

Strange that they did not give me samples previously. Perhaps I have to ask for it?

Another aspect I realised from my sales experience, that even the staff at 128 Faubourg are not aware of the Mastercard RM500 purchase promotion. Sigh. This is-- actually an incentive piece of news that sales-staff could inform customers to encourage them to purchase more. Oh well.

Mastercard- Malaysia Airlines Gift Redemption

The 2 piece "instant gift" set & 2 piece samples.

As per this, I went to collect my two piece Kiehl's set- Amino Acid Shampoo (65ml) and Deluxe Hand & Body Lotion with Aloe Vera & Oatmeal (65ml).

As an added surprise, I found a 'surprise' additional redemption voucher underneath the box- where I went to the Kiehl's outlet in Pavilion- and they gave me Line Reducing Eye-Brightening Concentrate (15ml) and Gently Exfoliating Body Scrub Grapefruit (15ml). I believe the Concierge was not aware of this, else he would have informed me about it.

The 3 piece Lancome skincare set.

The staff at the counter also threw in a voucher (with purchases RM500 under Mastercard) to redeem a 3 piece skincare set from Lancome worth RM70- Lancome Tonique Clarte (15ml), Lancome Galateis Couceur (15ml), and Blance Expert Neurowhite X3 (2ml piece).

I concur that Lancome must have decided to join in the bandwagon. 

 Seven Vouchers for Seventh Heaven. ^^

To top it all- Pavilion gave me a Beauty Indulgence Pack with vouchers to all the spas in Seventh Heaven. This was their way of trying to "make me happy" due to my complaint on their FB. ^^

Indeed, not bad for an all spa treatment & sample day. ^^

Tomorrow I am heading for my appointment at Optimax. We'll see how the results of my Post-Lasik Annual Eye Check (in its 9th Year) turns out.

How was your day, and what do you think of the promotions?


Jean said...

wow.. great day huh~
with all the samples and gifts~
The Lancome set like very nice wor..
Is it you just need to redeem straight away with you previous RM500 purchase, or need to purchase another RM500?

Jessying said...

Spend RM500 for all that !! Damn good marketing strategy... and generous !

CY said...

Generous? Depends..

its the Lancome, Loccitane, Kiehl's companies which are sponsoring.

All in all-- they are all marketing tactics. If we like it, we'll go back and buy it.

Mastercard is just the middleman. That encourages all customers to "spend". ^^

Of course-- buying RM500- means not every one gets it. Only targeted customers-who can spend-- gets it.

If you can spend Rm500-1000 in a day, what is another RM500?

CY said...

The Lancome voucher is for purchases RM500 and above..

the voucher is transferable. will be given by Pavilion staff on same time when you come to redeem-

Whilst stocks last!

Miu said...

nice freebies!!! gona re-read your post again. I don't find anywhere else as rewarding for purchases! might shop at Pav just to get extra bonuses!!! way to go!

CY said...

Is it the Lancome 3 piece set, or the Kiehl's that caught your eye?

The vouchers-- well-- really aren't that much-- but they gave it to me as a way of "appeasing" me.. so it's not really part of the "whole freebie" thing.

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