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Tsuya-Tsuya: Make-Up Workshop Attendance List.

Hello girls, the list is out! Check for your names and please inform me to make any amendments.

This is the attendance list for the Tsuya-Tsuya Make-Up Workshop for 27-29th November 2009. For more information about the event, please click here. Attendance is based on first-come-first serve basis.

[UPDATED LIST:27th November 2009-  Due to Unforeseen Circumstances, the workshops for Saturday and Sunday has been postponed to another day]

FRIDAY : (27th November)
Topic:  Daily Fresh Office Look.
Time: 1pm onwards
Attendance: Max 15.
1. CY
2. Ivy (npuiyee)
3. Jean (purplewardrobe)
4. Rane Chin
5. Manwinder Kau
6. Yunny Hussain
7. (still available)
8. (still available)
9. (still available)
10. (still available)

Topic: Sassy Korean Look
Time: 5pm onwards. 
Attendance: Max 15.
1. CY
2. Alexis
3. Wendy Pua
4. Charmaine Chong
5. Cai Xiu Xiu
6. Zoe Kam
7. Tammy Lim
8. Jess Lee
9.(still available)
10. (still available)

Paying Vouchers: 
11. Ivy (ngpuiyee)
12. Christie Liew.
13. Jean (purplewardrobe)

Korean Party Glam

Time: 7pm onwards.
Attendance: Max 15.
1. Christie Liew.
2. Ling (searesources) 
3. Yvonne Ng
4. Charlene Goh
5. (still available)
6. (still available)
7. (still available)
8. (still available)
9. (still available)
10. (still available)

Daily Fresh Look 
Time: 1pm onwards.

Paying Vouchers: 
1.Masnira Kamal
2.Norfarahiyah Aziz
3. Lee Wen Li.


Jean said...

Yeah~ See you guys on 27/11!!

Zoe said...

thanks gal^^ cant wait for the make up teaching for tat day^^

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