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Skin Nutrition: DMAE & Body Beautiful Complex

Product Background Information: Skin Nutrition is a premium brand currently marketed in the United States. The company is licensed and registered in South Africa.

The SKIN NUTRITION brand has a range of products from body care to face care and health maintainence. Currently, the SKIN NUTRITION brand is marketed in Malaysia via their sole importer Emma Lizs salons, Bizzy Body salons, and specifically at Parkson Subang Parade, Parkson Sg. Wang Plaza, and Parkson Miri. 

The range I bought: Skin Nutrition DMAE (60 capsules) and Skin Nutrition Body Beautiful Complex (60 capsules).

Product: Skin Nutrition- DMAE (60 capsules)
*stimulates acetylcholine production.
* acts as an antioxidant to help stabilize cell membranes
*may enhance water retention in connective tissue, causing the surface of the skin to tighten.
Key ingredients: DMAE (Dimethylaminothanl) 1000mg
Recommended usage:2 per day.

Product: Skin Nutrition- Body Beautiful Complex (60 capsules)
*promote beautiful skin, hair, nails.
*burn stored fat and support weight loss
*heighten energy levels
*combat free radicals.
Key ingredients: White Tea Extract 50%,
Green Tea Extract 95%, Rhodiola Rosea Rosavins 3%,
Hyaluronic Acid, Siberian Ginseng,
Concentrated Omega 3 Oils (DHA EPA).
Recommended usage: 2 per day.

RRP: RM1000 for four bottles of 2 of each type (after 10% discount).

Dosage: I took 2 of the capsules- only one type of the supplement was consumed at each time to prevent over-dosage. I was not advised to take more than 2 tablets of the supplements at any one time. I normally leave the bottles in the office, taking them in the morning, or after the mid day meal.


Both these products were bought in late April, and currently now in Sept 2009, I am on my last leg of the DMAE capsules. I was recommended both these brand of capsules to go with the package that I was undergoing at my current salon.

The reason it has taken this long for the consumption of the supplements was due to the many missed daily occasions that I did not partake of it, hence prolonging the duration and remaining amount of the supplements.  

As both these products were used intermittently and at the same time, It is difficult to concur if both these products have been effective independently of each other, as it was not utilized in a controlled environment to be able to state the effectiveness of each type. There are many other factors that will affect the weight loss process, and in my situation, certain hormonal issues may had come to play.

In essence, the Skin Nutrition products on my part was only used as a supplement to support the weight loss process. Apart from that, I have also undertaken dietary changes i.e. changing my eating patterns, not having meals after 8pm, cutting down on carbs at dinner, cutting down on caffeine and coffee intake, increasing water intake.

The Skin Nutrition supplements on my office desk. 

My Recommendations: RM1000+ for four bottles of these products is Extremely Pricey.

Granted, I've read that Skin Nutrition is a premium brand in the United States, and regardless of where their products are purchased, the price is standard internationally. Factor in too that since these products are imported from the United States, the currency exchange is high enough to kill your enthusiasm on purchasing it online with their shipping rates in a non USD currency.

In this stance, if you are thinking of getting your SKIN NUTRITION supplies, and think it works for you, try getting your supplies at a local salon reseller as most may be able to provide consumers a better price or heavy cash discount.

Since you'd be the consumer who will be plonking down your hard earned cash for these lovely supplements, I'd advise that unless you are earning a lot of dough, you may want to consider other ways of maintaining your weight or helping with your weight loss.

Malaysia: Skin Nutrition OnlineMall

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