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Short Eyelashes? Here's a solution.

Fake Eye Lashes Not Needed.

They may look nice, but you need a good hand, and the glue can get messy...

In line with the Tsuya-Tsuya make-up workshop coming up, a few bloggers were hand-picked to try out the Angel Eye & Mascara Set. (as pictured below).

The Products Tested Were
  • 1 x Black Fibre For Volumising
  • 1 x White Fibre For Lengthening 
  • 1 x Long Lasting Mascara.

Read up to find out what they did....

  • Jessying- Her review on the mascara. Jess managed to get her eyelash lengthened to 18 mm (0.8 inches), and is pleased with it as she does not know who to put on falsies (fake lashes) well, so this is a good way of going about it ^^. She also says its easy to be cleaned and removed with the eye-makeup remover.  
  • Von Von- Gives a step-by-step review on how she applied the mascara. She particularly likes that the mascara is long lasting, and that it is practically smudge proof the entire day. Von Von managed to extend her eyelashes from 4mm to the maximum length of 15mm!
  • Plus Size Kitten- Tammy is rather impressed with the mascara and says it is in her Holy Grail list of eye-makeup to use. 


Miu said...

Thanks CY for giving me the opportunity to try Tsuya Tsuya's star products :) am really glad I got to try the Angel Eyes which I heard so much about.

Jessying said...

yum yum I like the Angel Eyes set, hehe my eyes looks like barbie doll my bf said ! Haha... Try it to believe it !

Thank you CY for this opportunity to try products :D

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