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Post Report: Tsuya-Tsuya Makeup Workshop@ Beauty & Spa Show '09

Last Friday, the readers from this blog had the opportunity to attend a hands-on make-up workshop where the attendees had the occasion to learn Korean inspired looks. The workshop was organised by Tsuya-Tsuya at the Beauty & Spa show at Midvalley on Friday 27th Nov.

Scheduled for three days over the weekend, however, due to unforseen circumstances, the weekend workshops had to be postponed to another more viable time in future.

Many thanks to Tsuya-Tsuya management for organising this workshop, as well as for the lovely doorgifts presented to the readers who went, as well as allowing us to come in to learn how to create those lovely divine Korean inspired looks. 

Me before the makeover

After the 5pm Hands-On makeover (Sassy Korean)

Be not deceived. Of all the students, I was the last to graduate that day. I had to keep removing the eyeliner, but they finally let me go when "it looked okay enough to walk around with". LOL.

It took me a while to get the hang of the eyeliner-eyeshadow look. But no worries, I am learning!

The RM50 worth of Tsuya-Tsuya Door Gifts.
Okay, I will apply it-- when I learn to..

A picture taken with KF Bong, the Make-Up Instructor.

Jean @ Fresh Office Look workshop (1pm)

Wing on her mobile.. and Alexis before the 5pm workshop.

We were taught the right way to keep the gel eyeliner.

KF Bong doing demonstration on a model (morning session).

I've been busy & fretting about the whole of the weekend, so will update more of this post later!

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Jean said...

Lol Thanks to you I got to go for the workshop! Too bad that I'm not able to go to the 5pm one!>.<
The after makeup photo of urs is so pretty!! looks flawless~^^

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