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Mini-Review: Synergy Face Treatment @ 128 Faubourg Pavillion.

Nov 28th- 2009

Today, I finally went for my first "official" facial at 128 Faubourg-

Yes, among one of the the official flagship outlets for Sothys.

Hmm, but am not in the mood to blog about it.

However, you can read of my angry and upsetting experience in the incident of the Pavillion with the Debit Mastercard here.

Then you'll know why I am in bad mood!

I'll update this post later.

10th Dec 2009

How was the experience? Well-- let's not talk about the experience--

Its about whether the facial shows results- It's not cheap I must admit. RM210 (RM50 discount).

But for the 7 days after -- I could officially announce the results. My face "glowed".

At least, that is what my next door colleague mentioned.

She mentioned there was something different about my face. and no, it was not because I had my bushy eye-brows trimmed. LOL.

Even my maid-

The way I test the effectiveness of the facials I go to is whether the people around me observe any difference. If they were the first to ask, that would show that the facial actually works. If my face does not any kind of improvement, it's time to change the facial service provider!!!

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