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Mini-review: 128 Faubourg Cooling Hydro Eye Treatment

The Origin Kit

On Saturday morning, I had gone to 128 Faubourg Pavillion to redeem my complimentary 128 Cooling Hydro Eye Treatment worth RM90. It was in the form of a voucher that had come along with my purchase of the Origin Kit the week before.

My appointment was at 10am, and I was already running late! So my therapist, Celine called to enquire where I was. I was just on the Ground floor of the mall..... 


When I arrived, Celine brought me to the room, where I removed my shoes and bags to be placed in the lockers. 

I then had a foot soak whilst she set up the room. The foot soak served to not only cleanse my feet, but for sanitary reasons as well.

Celine then asked me to lie down on the treatment bed, where she then proceeded to cleanse and remove my make-up, along with a scrub. 


It was a fairly comfortable and soothing stress-free experience. As it was a flagship salon under Sothys, it was unquestionable that all products used were of their own range.

Celine also gave me a short shoulder massage, which she explained was part of all facial treatment routines.

For the face mask, she had applied an eye masque gel/cream on my eye area, followed by another cotton gauze and another warm eye masque paste on top of it. That was left on for 15minutes.

During that time, I fell asleep.. as I was really tired that morning... and would not have minded sleeping  more! LOL.

She then removed the mask, cleansed it again, and then applied toner & moisturiser before releasing me.

Before leaving, I was ushered to their make-up room, which contained the range of Sothys cosmetics to put on, as the one I had applied in the morning had obviously been removed! (LOL)

The entire session took up to 30 minutes and more. By the time I was done, I was already late for class!


All in all, it was a good experience to check out the ambience and service of the salon.

The therapist, Celine was patient, explaining each part of the procedure. Celine was free with providing beauty advice, and what I liked was that she did not use the information that I had given to try to solicit a sale. She was not pushy, but of course, she did ask if she could arrange an appointment for me. ^^

As this is my birthday month, and I was a member from purchasing the Origins Kit, I had a voucher that  entitled me to 50% off all facial treatments priced RM220 and above! Yes, so am waiting to try out their  range of hydrating facials soon..

Just need to arrange an appointment before my voucher expires.....


Jean said...

like not bad wor.. will get one for myself soon!

CheaKyGal said...

Hei Jean, the free eye treatment voucher expires in end- November, so you might want to check first with the 128 Faubourg salons..

Jessying said...

hey sound good !!! should be trying it soon!

Miu said...

very nice :)

worth your rm150 i say!!!

and birthday specials too

CheaKyGal said...

In which case, they'd have to either re-print the eye treatment vouchers, or the Origin Kit thingy flyers..

I think they'd reprint the vouchers with a new date, obviously they do not want the current Origin Kit flyers to go to waste, since those do not state the expiry dates.

as for service, it also dpends on whom you meet, and who services you, as well as that particular outlet's management.

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