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Japan: Window Shopping @ Tenjin Chikagai

Tenjin Chikagai is an underground shopping city underground shopping area. It is great for, and  people especially like shopping in this area as (whether working, or window shoppers) can avoid the harsh weathers, especially in the rainy and winter seasons. Which makes it easy for shoppers to stay long.... *lol*.

After our shrine outings, we headed to Tenjin Chikagai and visited the malls for some "window" retail therapy, and a short break at Mackers thereafter. ^^ On the way, we found an internet kiosk where I managed to go online and send a quick email to my friends in both Seoul, and Ai Ling in Tokyo.

Have a peek at some of the shops that are in this underground shopping area.. 

Frilly long blouses- to keep them arms warm.

Agnes B-- from HK.

Stylish coats for a stylish winter.

More stylish clothing.

My friends shopping..

Mackers Hot Apple Pie & Coffee. Yum.

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