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Japan: Shrine Tour @ Fukuoka City

This is the first instalment on the Shrine & Temple tours for Day 3. Continuing on our journey around  Fukuoka City, we head to the temples on a busy Sunday morning. As you can see from the pictures, it's pretty crowded as a lot of people are off work for the day.

My friend, Haruna informed me that it's rude to have anything in your mouth when you're on the open-street, unless you're inside a building... but it's okay if you are near a temple... *funny*..

The people who come to pray, go to the front to be "blessed" by the monks.. not really too sure how this thing works anyways, LOL..   Unfortunately, I am unable to provide the name for this particular shrine as I can't read Japanese writing, and it was too long ago....!

Food Stalls, or 'yatai' lining the road..

More yatai.. chicken wings, & fried sunny-side eggs...

Ichigo-Daifuku- Strawberries in pounded rice (mochi), & read bean paste.

Yakitori & lok-lok type food...

Crowded entrance..! They have to wait in line just to get in!

Pay 2,000 Yen to enter that side..

The entrance...

Where people go to wash their hands... (common scene at all temples..)

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