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How Should I Celebrate My Birthday?

This is the milestone year when I finally turn 30. YES, the BIG three! I had the impression that after our 21st birthday, every birthday seems to pale by comparison..  but whatever, it's my birthday! Instead of waiting for others to be reminded when my birthday is, I am informing them in advance..

*it's in the fourth week of November.. 24th of this month*. Yes, the month of November is upon us now.

So, How Should I Celebrate My Birthday?

I got the idea to blog about this from Tammy as she was so open about her last year's birthday celebration! ^^

My week days and weekends are almost crammed to the max (trying to study my hangul verbs, Christmas play, servicing my clients), with barely a few hours free to do much shopping on Saturday afternoons. Sunday is the perfect day to have an early birthday celebration as my Sunday afternoons are almost free ...

After my usual Sunday chapel service, here is a "made-up" plan ..

2.00pm    Mid Valley Signature Gardens- Watch "Final Destination".. (This is the only movie that piqued my interest.. have not even watched latest instalment of Harry Potter... that long ago!

5.00pm    Have a body massage & facial therapy in an up-scale spa somewhere in town. Maybe at a high-class 5-star hotel where the staff won't be pushy to try their treatments *laughs*, or at Sothys, or Clarins..

8.30pm   Have dinner at a fancy steak house in town with friends.. (hmmm *meat* .. or pasta). 

10.00pm  Head over to a fancy club/ karaoke till almost midnight to end the day's celebration!

Sounds like a viable cool plan to me!

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