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Photoblog: 30th Birthday @ Yong Cousins

On Sunday, my family headed to my cousin's place for a birthday dinner thrown by my uncle. Yes, they prepared a lovely dinner spread for my birthday (and my mom's as well). Thanks, Uncle Albert & family!

The pictures as you will see, are all taken using Agnes' DSLR (no idea what model.. but DSLR la - sahaja nak berlagak, ya!)

Preparing the cake.

cousin Agnes & Me.

Preparing the cake they bought!

The birthday people.(my mom and me!)

Yummy galore of dishes during dinner prepared by my Tai Bak.

More yummy dishes.

Half peeled rambutans & sliced starfruits.

Chicken. ala Hainanese style.

Me posing.. blah.

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Post Report: Tsuya-Tsuya Makeup Workshop@ Beauty & Spa Show '09

Last Friday, the readers from this blog had the opportunity to attend a hands-on make-up workshop where the attendees had the occasion to learn Korean inspired looks. The workshop was organised by Tsuya-Tsuya at the Beauty & Spa show at Midvalley on Friday 27th Nov.

Scheduled for three days over the weekend, however, due to unforseen circumstances, the weekend workshops had to be postponed to another more viable time in future.

Many thanks to Tsuya-Tsuya management for organising this workshop, as well as for the lovely doorgifts presented to the readers who went, as well as allowing us to come in to learn how to create those lovely divine Korean inspired looks. 

Me before the makeover

After the 5pm Hands-On makeover (Sassy Korean)

Be not deceived. Of all the students, I was the last to graduate that day. I had to keep removing the eyeliner, but they finally let me go when "it looked okay enough to walk around with". LOL.

It took me a while to get the hang of the eyeliner-eyeshadow look. But no worries, I am learning!

The RM50 worth of Tsuya-Tsuya Door Gifts.
Okay, I will apply it-- when I learn to..

A picture taken with KF Bong, the Make-Up Instructor.

Jean @ Fresh Office Look workshop (1pm)

Wing on her mobile.. and Alexis before the 5pm workshop.

We were taught the right way to keep the gel eyeliner.

KF Bong doing demonstration on a model (morning session).

I've been busy & fretting about the whole of the weekend, so will update more of this post later!
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Japan: Teriyaki Dinner & Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine (Part 1)

After our day out, we head home to have a Teriyaki Dinner at this place nearby. Walking distance to Haruna's home.

Inside a japanese diner.

A set meal.
Another set meal with rice and miso soup.

Me posing for the camera.


The next day, we headed to Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine- which we had to go by TRAIN. (yes, not subway).

The return fare was about 1,680 Yen, which was a package on the Nishitetsu. The package too, included a ticket to the Kyushu National Museum.

For directions to Kyushu National Museum, click here.

Touching the cow for "good luck" at Dazaifu Shrine.

It was a cold morning.

People going to temple.

Worshippers come here to wash their hands.


Okay, more pictures of the Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine later!
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Mini-Review: Synergy Face Treatment @ 128 Faubourg Pavillion.


Mini-Review: Synergy Face Treatment @ 128 Faubourg Pavillion.

Nov 28th- 2009

Today, I finally went for my first "official" facial at 128 Faubourg-

Yes, among one of the the official flagship outlets for Sothys.

Hmm, but am not in the mood to blog about it.

However, you can read of my angry and upsetting experience in the incident of the Pavillion with the Debit Mastercard here.

Then you'll know why I am in bad mood!

I'll update this post later.

10th Dec 2009

How was the experience? Well-- let's not talk about the experience--

Its about whether the facial shows results- It's not cheap I must admit. RM210 (RM50 discount).

But for the 7 days after -- I could officially announce the results. My face "glowed".

At least, that is what my next door colleague mentioned.

She mentioned there was something different about my face. and no, it was not because I had my bushy eye-brows trimmed. LOL.

Even my maid-

The way I test the effectiveness of the facials I go to is whether the people around me observe any difference. If they were the first to ask, that would show that the facial actually works. If my face does not any kind of improvement, it's time to change the facial service provider!!!
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Japan: Hello Kitty @ Tenjin Chikagai

If you must know, the only thing I bought back from Japan were masses of bling-blings and wall decorations from Hello Kitty. I bought loads of wall calendars, and other knick-knacks like spectacle cases, keychain holders.. which I got them when I headed to Ai Ling's place in Tokyo.

But for the sake of this post, enjoy your *peek* at one of two Hello Kitty's outlets in Fukuoka for now. ^^

Cutesy Pink Stuff..

Lots of Pink...

Aisles of Pink...

Pink Cases...

More Pink Cases..

And more pink from a distance.

Who'd know I actually do like Hello Kitty & Friends? ^^
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Tsuya-Tsuya: Make-Up Workshop Attendance List.

Hello girls, the list is out! Check for your names and please inform me to make any amendments.

This is the attendance list for the Tsuya-Tsuya Make-Up Workshop for 27-29th November 2009. For more information about the event, please click here. Attendance is based on first-come-first serve basis.

[UPDATED LIST:27th November 2009-  Due to Unforeseen Circumstances, the workshops for Saturday and Sunday has been postponed to another day]

FRIDAY : (27th November)
Topic:  Daily Fresh Office Look.
Time: 1pm onwards
Attendance: Max 15.
1. CY
2. Ivy (npuiyee)
3. Jean (purplewardrobe)
4. Rane Chin
5. Manwinder Kau
6. Yunny Hussain
7. (still available)
8. (still available)
9. (still available)
10. (still available)

Topic: Sassy Korean Look
Time: 5pm onwards. 
Attendance: Max 15.
1. CY
2. Alexis
3. Wendy Pua
4. Charmaine Chong
5. Cai Xiu Xiu
6. Zoe Kam
7. Tammy Lim
8. Jess Lee
9.(still available)
10. (still available)

Paying Vouchers: 
11. Ivy (ngpuiyee)
12. Christie Liew.
13. Jean (purplewardrobe)

Korean Party Glam

Time: 7pm onwards.
Attendance: Max 15.
1. Christie Liew.
2. Ling (searesources) 
3. Yvonne Ng
4. Charlene Goh
5. (still available)
6. (still available)
7. (still available)
8. (still available)
9. (still available)
10. (still available)

Daily Fresh Look 
Time: 1pm onwards.

Paying Vouchers: 
1.Masnira Kamal
2.Norfarahiyah Aziz
3. Lee Wen Li.


Product Review: Tsuya-Tsuya Cedar Brown Gel Eye Liner

In line with the Tsuya-Tsuya make-up workshop coming up, a few bloggers were hand-picked to try out the Cedar Brown Eye-Liner for reviews.
  •  Tammy puts the eye-liner to the test... she is happy to find the gel eyeliner container sealed with a foil, which is a great indicator to let users know the product's freshness is immaculate. She also likes that the eyeliner brush is soft which is suitable for delicate eye areas.  ^^
The eyeliner brush & smudgepot.

The freshly opened foil.

  • Jessying - Jess was impressed that the gel eyeliner brush came with a cap to ensure that it was hygienic on first purchase. It was also water proof, smudge-proof, and long-lastingly shimmering for an entire evening out.
  • Von Von- Von notices that the eyeliner glides on smoothly, and has a light texture. It also doesn't dry quickly, allowing her time to blend & smudge it the way she wants. Von found 6 different ways to use the eyeliner. Read here to know what it is!
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A Sunday Pre-Birthday Celebration.

So much for spas and all.  

Oh Well. 

Today was a day full of thoughts for me. From the tiff I had with my parents, to my experiences in Australia, and the perception I had of my birthday.

But nonetheles, its a process of forgive and forget, and hence the verse, "do not in your anger cause your self to sin". 

Basically it means to say do not in the midst of your anger, do or say anything that will cause yourself to regret later. Words fly and all..

I know, it's easy to say, but really not that easy being put into practice.

Anyway, here's what happened for my Sunday Pre-Birthday Celebration.

Morning.. headed to church.

Had rice with mutton curry for late "morning tea". (like who cares what I had for morning tea...!)

Then in the afternoon, about 13:00 hours,

Headed over to Sri Petaling to meet up with a mate, Madeline. We had "yee meen" lunch courtesy of Madeline.. and she gave me a nice prezzie (pictures later!). We ate at the Calorie chinese non-halal restaurant near 7-Eleven in Sri Petaling.

How's the food? So-so only..

 Maddie & Bob.

Maddie & Me..

My "Calorie" Prawn Yee-Meen specialty. about Rm14+.

We headed (again) to the Cadbury warehouse later.

Lots of people checking out the chocs..

My friend too.. Rm2 for that pack only.. Zip bars.

My Rm58 Cadbury stash - 3 packs Hot Choc, 3 bottles Hot Choc. ^^

I had earlier headed to the Cadbury Warehouse Sale before meeting Maddie.. bought myself Rm58 worth of chocs. Yum. Just wanted to see if I'd missed any other yummy stuff. ^^

To end the day, I headed over to Mid Valley for a meet up with Kath.Wong.. for some window shopping. Not that I bought much.. *LOL* Then headed home early. ^^

On other thoughts,

Last night I had a conversation with a friend AG. We may not always agree on the same things, but we did have a conversation on the time when I was abroad and did all those cooking posts.. I barely roam around much in the kitchens these days (with the maid at home and all).

Perhaps I may start doing that for the cell group. Indeed, perhaps that bunch of people will appreciate one's cooking and all.. which is not a bad idea. ^^
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Short Eyelashes? Here's a solution.

Fake Eye Lashes Not Needed.

They may look nice, but you need a good hand, and the glue can get messy...

In line with the Tsuya-Tsuya make-up workshop coming up, a few bloggers were hand-picked to try out the Angel Eye & Mascara Set. (as pictured below).

The Products Tested Were
  • 1 x Black Fibre For Volumising
  • 1 x White Fibre For Lengthening 
  • 1 x Long Lasting Mascara.

Read up to find out what they did....

  • Jessying- Her review on the mascara. Jess managed to get her eyelash lengthened to 18 mm (0.8 inches), and is pleased with it as she does not know who to put on falsies (fake lashes) well, so this is a good way of going about it ^^. She also says its easy to be cleaned and removed with the eye-makeup remover.  
  • Von Von- Gives a step-by-step review on how she applied the mascara. She particularly likes that the mascara is long lasting, and that it is practically smudge proof the entire day. Von Von managed to extend her eyelashes from 4mm to the maximum length of 15mm!
  • Plus Size Kitten- Tammy is rather impressed with the mascara and says it is in her Holy Grail list of eye-makeup to use. 


Japan: Window Shopping @ Tenjin Chikagai

Tenjin Chikagai is an underground shopping city underground shopping area. It is great for, and  people especially like shopping in this area as (whether working, or window shoppers) can avoid the harsh weathers, especially in the rainy and winter seasons. Which makes it easy for shoppers to stay long.... *lol*.

After our shrine outings, we headed to Tenjin Chikagai and visited the malls for some "window" retail therapy, and a short break at Mackers thereafter. ^^ On the way, we found an internet kiosk where I managed to go online and send a quick email to my friends in both Seoul, and Ai Ling in Tokyo.

Have a peek at some of the shops that are in this underground shopping area.. 

Frilly long blouses- to keep them arms warm.

Agnes B-- from HK.

Stylish coats for a stylish winter.

More stylish clothing.

My friends shopping..

Mackers Hot Apple Pie & Coffee. Yum.
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