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Malaysia: Gloria Jeans Saves The Day!


When I found out that I had to go to Sunway to meet a client today, I decided to make an appointment to try out the Passion-Anggun promotion they had available at the Asterspring outlet in Sunway Pyramid. The mall is located a distance from my place, but traffic is barely congested, and parking bays are easily available. Hence, the inclination.

As usual, I check that I leave my cards at home. No need for unnecessary spur-of-the-moment spending. My arrival time was 16:10 ish at the outlet and as per procedure, went through a consultation of filling information in, medical requirements, and then the face scan using some complicated gadget which I had to put my head through (an infra-purple face scanning contraption).

After "transcribing" the face scan information to me.. the BA started her "sales pitch".

BA: Our free consultation is RM68, but if you "top-up" another RM58 on top of it, we'll give you a full facial on top of it, which includes double cleansing, extraction and etc. (Or that was the gist of her sales pitch..)

Me: (I looked at her). No.

I insisted on my complimentary micro-mapping ... finally the BA relented, and brought me into the salon room.

Knowing that the BA was going to continue pitching to me if I did not do something- I quickly wrote an  emergency text message to my friend, SH- to come in and "deliver" me from the hands of the BA.

When I made the phone appointment, I was told that the time taken for the entire process would only take 30 minutes tops, including consultation. Which I thought, hei, that should be fine. But it ended up with the entire process taking almost one hour.

My friend, SH was getting annoyed and impatient at having to wait for me outside..

He went into the outlet - two times. Making a lot of noise- and insisting why was the entire process taking so long.. one of the other BAs came in and informed me that "your friend is making a fuss outside, and asking you to hurry up"

After which, when I came out, the BA had placed a Dry Skin Starter Kit on the table.

She started on her sales pitch. Again.

BA: "Since you are our first time customer, you get to buy the starter kit for RM188 only (NP RM250+). We will key in your details into the computer, so if you were to go to any other Asterspring or Leonard Drake outlet, you'll no longer be a first-time customer, and won't be able to get this at such a special price".   

Me: It's fine.

And then I left.

Hah! Like I was going to pay RM188 for your products when I have yet to try any samples. The company you are working for has stated "complimentary consultation". So it should remain as that-"COMPLIMENTARY". Yes. and I was not given any samples to try.

Perhaps this part is a bit disputable, as it was not the main outlet (at KLCC), and the outlet may have limited samples. But what can I say? I will stick to my guns- and WILL NOT purchase anything if I have yet to try it. As again, I may get an allergy to it.. so it is better that I play it safe. So in conclusion, unlike some people,
my experience of Asterspring at the outlet was not so good...

SH: "She was pushy to you. So I pushy to her. Fair & Square".


Now, who said exercising our rights was easy? A bit difficult in Malaysia...

Ladies Day- 30% OFF on all food & drinks! (limited to specific* outlets only).

The Menu- Outlet Manager- Mohamad Nazreen- Good Job!

After which, we took a stroll around the mall.. and I saw that Gloria Jeans had 30% off- being Tuesday, Ladies Day.

When I was in Sydney, my korean friend, Jo was a huge coffee & cake fan. Since we both shared a  love for coffee, we'd head over to Gloria Jeans in our time off. We'd normally share a large order as I could not finish one. If you did not know, Gloria Jeans IS an Australian brand, and the Aussies love their country. ^^

So we headed over to Gloria Jeans. I had to order, being the "lady".

It was a good choice. Really made my day.

My two orders (shared-- so that makes ONE LARGE order)

The RM10.50 (large sized) cappucino had 30% off , making it RM7.70 for one. It tasted REALLY good, that I ordered two! (Currently on a caffeine overdrive.).

I was really pleased with the place, as not only did the coffee taste good, the staff were very helpful, and kept asking if I needed anything when I went inside. It was a barista-in-training who made my coffee, and he made a good one.

If you are wondering why I make a fuss over my espresso drinks - having good smooth tasting cappucino is a combination of a few factors- freshness & quality of the ground coffee beans, ability to steam milk to right temperature, and that the Management sees the importance in training skilled baristas.

A well-made espresso drink tells a lot about a coffeehouse.

If the basic drink is not made well, the expectations of the coffeehouse's quality will be downhill from there. Indirectly, it shows the priority that its Management puts on the basic aspects in their customer service. It takes a lot of practice & effort to make a good espresso drink, and that includes the expenditure for milk and coffee bean supplies.

I have been to cafes where bad coffee were masked by either using too much milk, or too much sugar, and is bitter. Ground coffee beans cannot be left over night as they will lose their flavour- and some coffeehouse may not want to waste those...

Or worst, where the coffee does not taste even like coffee, but a concoction of water with coffee-flavour in it, "pretending" to be a cappucino.

So, it's not just making money for a cup of coffee, but ensuring that quality coffee is served.

I am not sure about other Gloria Jeans outlets, but this one is good. You can try others, and tell me how good they are....

For all my greed... am currently suffering in the loo now...
I'm *lactose intolerant!!!*  >.<

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