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Elken: Introducing the Eternal Beauty Massager

When I was at my cousin's home the other day, I was rummaging through the dressing table and found this handheld contraption.

It was the Eternal Beauty Elysyle- an integrated health & beauty massager. When I looked at it, it reminded me of a scene from a korean drama I had watched not too long ago, where an ajumma was using one of those face massagers. Then I looked at the make of the model, I was surprised to see that it was "Made in Korea". I should have guessed sooner!

My cousin, Elaine, taught me how to use it. Firstly, the face has to be cleansed of all the dirt. Next moisturizing gel is then applied on the face. The handheld is turned on, auto-running for 10 minutes before auto-switching off. So I did. I applied her Arellis Whitening Moisturizing Masque (Gel) on my face, and did as she instructed.

This evening, I had met up with this group of Elken representatives at a nearby shopping mall. I knew that one of the ladies in the group had wanted to canvass the Elken Corpsdereve DX corset to me, but I showed more interest in the Eternal Beauty contraption though. (She was surprised!)

Truth be told, had I not known Elaine bought the handheld massager, I would not have shown as much interest in it when I met the Elken reps earlier.

The product claims include to "naturally emit Far Infrared Rays, Anyion and Germanium with Ultrasound capabilities."

Its claims include:
FACIAL CARE-  Anti-Ageing, Skin Brightening & Whitening, Anti-Acne, Pore Refining, Scar Reduction,

EYE CARE- Ease eye fatigue, Reduce eye bags and puffiness, lighten dark circles.

BUST ENHANCEMENT & LIFTING- lifts sagging bust & diminishes skin slackening, leaves bust area feeling velvety, smooth and supple.

BODY SLIMMING & SHAPING- effective to combat cellulite problems as it breaks down fat cells, effective in firming and toning flabbiness.

GENERAL HEALTH CARE - can also be used in point massage therapy to stimulate Meridian Pathways for overall physical well being.
The Current Retail Price? (26th Sept- 25 Nov 2009)

For the ETERNAL BEAUTY and Free Massager Pouch 
DP- RM1480.00  (EPP 123.40 x 12) West Malaysia
        RM1501.00  (EPP 125.10 x 12) East Malaysia.


For ETERNAL BEAUTY and Free Massager Pouch + Free Skincare Product Range and Mask/Pack

DP- RM1880.00  (EPP 156.70 x 12) West Malaysia
        RM1901.00  (EPP 158.50 x 12) East Malaysia.
This is the current ongoing Eternal Beauty for the fourth quarter of 2009. If you are wondering, I am not an Elken Representative. However, if you are interested in the product, I can provide you the contact of the Rep who approached me. ^^

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