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5 Simple Tips to lose weight.

If you are looking at losing your weight, and finding it difficult, here are some simple tips that are easy to remember and keep if you are seriously looking at losing those pounds!

 Yes, even the French ladies have as much as 9 hours of sleep each night. Having enough sleep not only ensures that we keep our sanity throughout the day, (which is very true for me!) but it also assists our body
  • to digest the food and removing waste from our bodies efficiently
  • maintain level of growth hormones needed to metabolize carbohydrates (which is to burn those carbs that we partake efficiently)
Breakfast- Keep it simple, with a simple toast, bacon, and cup of hot drink. The morning time is not meant to be gorging on food, though theoretically it may be so.
Lunch- Have 1/3 portion of rice, and adequate portions of vegetables, meat and fruit.
Dinner- It's not time to gorge down a huge meal just because it DINNER time. Keep it simple, but enough to last you throughout the night till the next morning.  A 1/4 portion of rice should be just right, and add more portions of vegetables, less portions of meat and more fruit, if you really need something to fill that tummy of yours.

For people who may have trouble digesting carbohydrates, or getting advanced in age (like me) with that lack of exercise, I have found that cutting down on wheat based meals, portions of rice, pasta, and noodles does indeed helps. Potatoes are really a huge source of carbs, and do cut down on those visits to fast food chains like Mackers, KFC and Hungry Jacks. It's not cheap either.

This cannot be emphasized enough. The experts say drink eight litres of water per day.

But practically speaking, how many of us have actually done that?

Drinking from among my many Hello Kitty tumblers. Cute?

Instead, a more practical solution is to bring an attractive tumbler (Hello Kitty in my case) and leave it on your work desk in the office. Not only does it remind you to drink the water at all times, it does look attractive (and cute) on the desk, some people do admire and look at it. ^^

My phone rings at 11 am each workday- hence promptly reminding every of the staff members that it is time to partake of that life giving liquid- if not the entire day, at least once in the morning.

Do you sit on your chair all day?

If you do, you (and I) will be one of those who suffer from what is called "office-mid-rift-obese-to-be" culture followers.

Sitting at our chairs all day in front of a desktop, or for paperwork, the modern office workers barely make enough movement to burn half a calorie apart from those rare movements when our stomachs start making noise when the clock hits 1pm, and we make the getaway out of office heading out to that lunch place.

No gym equipment? Don't worry- walk those steps!

Use those feet of yours! Take another cue from the French ladies, take EXTRA effort to park your car further away so that you will walk a bit further to your car. Use the stairs when possible, and cut down on the elevator, unless you truly are rushed for time (like paying for your parking and you have only 5 minutes till it reaches the next hour cycle!)

Okay, perhaps I am exaggerating here. Most of us are not even able to find that much of time each day. Do some simple exercises, i.e. with that dumbbells you bought on a shopping impulse for 10 minutes each day, do a little jog around the house for 5 rounds, walk your dog out for 20 minutes- something to make your body exert strength.

 Little by little, these short movements will contribute to help you loose those extra pounds. If not an hour, perhaps half an hour. Start with 20 minutes each day. Do it every day. Well if not, at least an hour 3 times a week to help ease the lack of time.


Pigita said...

How come i dont see any mention of the slimming creams, anti-cellulite gels, 150% chilli (mind boggling!) gels that you bought eh?

~sly smile~

CheaKyGal said...

Sly Smile?

Come on la. Don't try that on me.

No matter how much slimming creams a person use, they do not substitute the need for common sense.

I.e, as one of our readers had recently commented, no matter how much eye creams one use, or how expensive it is, it doesn't substitute the need for enough sleep to be able to function properly.

The 5 steps above are practical steps that one must exercise before using slimming creams will work.

Using expensive slimming creams and still gorging on heavy lunches and dinners, not drinking enough water or having enough sleep, nor never bothering to exercise will still render the creams ineffective.

Therefore, slimming creams DO NOT deserve a mention until some or all of the 5 steps have been practised.

Pigita said...

Which basically means, that if one follows the 5 steps, then the gels / creams are not necessary and one would lose weight anyway.

I remember a friend tell me about her experience with a slimming center; she signed up bcos there was a guarantee that customer would lose weight. Only problem was that it was only after signing up and starting the program that she was told that she MUST follow their diet which basically was vegetable soup. hahaha

Also, if she lost any weight at all; if at the next session when they weighed her n her weight increased from the last weigh in, they would refuse to allow her to do any "treatment" until she lost the gain to the last weight-in.

It was hilarious to hear about but I'm sure, it was not to her.

If she ate only vegetable soup, she would lose weight anyway, what's the need for the salon's treatments?

Similarly, by your own admission "the 5 steps above are practical steps that one must exercise before using slimming creams will work" ie if you follow the 5 steps, one would lose weight and the gels/creams "DO NOT [even] deserve a mention".


CheaKyGal said...

Please understand the article before commenting.

If you want to criticize the use of anti-cellulite creams, please go and send a letter to the manufacturer. That is not my problem.

Thank You Very Much.

Anonymous said...

Jst my 2cents, if we use slimming cream together when we do exercise, it will show faster results.

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