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Sothys: Current On-Going Promotions

First Trial prices valid at both 128 Faubourg and ALL Sothys-Partner salons at exclusive discounted rates! ^^

Sothys Facial Treatment Price List Menu at ALL salons- 2009

 Newly launched [C]Collagene Hyaluronic Intensive Treatment facial- Oct 2009 at ALL salons.

At 128 Faubourg salons ONLY
On-Going Promotions.
- FREE Starter Kit (worth RM98) with Purchase of Institute Treatment RM280 (n.p RM350)

- FREE Travel Desquacream 15ml (Deep Cleanser) worth RM59 with Purchase of Skin Renewal Treatment of RM180 (n.p RM220)

RM128 Customized Facial- 128 Faubourg ONLY

Origin Kit- RM150 @ 128 Faubourg salons ONLY

Origin Kit  for RM150 : includes travel size for 5 products, 1 x Cooling Hydro Eye Treatment (worth RM90), RM50 Cash Voucher, Sothys Vanity Pouch, SOP Membership.

Sothys- Partner Salons: 
Bangsar: Holistics Esthetics
Near Kota Damansara: The Powder Room
OUG: Luzerno Professional Concept

In my opinion, it would be a good idea to check out the service at both the Sothys partner-salon, and 128 Faubourg to find out what you really like about each before deciding on which environment you like best.


Elken: Introducing the Eternal Beauty Massager

When I was at my cousin's home the other day, I was rummaging through the dressing table and found this handheld contraption.

It was the Eternal Beauty Elysyle- an integrated health & beauty massager. When I looked at it, it reminded me of a scene from a korean drama I had watched not too long ago, where an ajumma was using one of those face massagers. Then I looked at the make of the model, I was surprised to see that it was "Made in Korea". I should have guessed sooner!

My cousin, Elaine, taught me how to use it. Firstly, the face has to be cleansed of all the dirt. Next moisturizing gel is then applied on the face. The handheld is turned on, auto-running for 10 minutes before auto-switching off. So I did. I applied her Arellis Whitening Moisturizing Masque (Gel) on my face, and did as she instructed.

This evening, I had met up with this group of Elken representatives at a nearby shopping mall. I knew that one of the ladies in the group had wanted to canvass the Elken Corpsdereve DX corset to me, but I showed more interest in the Eternal Beauty contraption though. (She was surprised!)

Truth be told, had I not known Elaine bought the handheld massager, I would not have shown as much interest in it when I met the Elken reps earlier.

The product claims include to "naturally emit Far Infrared Rays, Anyion and Germanium with Ultrasound capabilities."

Its claims include:
FACIAL CARE-  Anti-Ageing, Skin Brightening & Whitening, Anti-Acne, Pore Refining, Scar Reduction,

EYE CARE- Ease eye fatigue, Reduce eye bags and puffiness, lighten dark circles.

BUST ENHANCEMENT & LIFTING- lifts sagging bust & diminishes skin slackening, leaves bust area feeling velvety, smooth and supple.

BODY SLIMMING & SHAPING- effective to combat cellulite problems as it breaks down fat cells, effective in firming and toning flabbiness.

GENERAL HEALTH CARE - can also be used in point massage therapy to stimulate Meridian Pathways for overall physical well being.
The Current Retail Price? (26th Sept- 25 Nov 2009)

For the ETERNAL BEAUTY and Free Massager Pouch 
DP- RM1480.00  (EPP 123.40 x 12) West Malaysia
        RM1501.00  (EPP 125.10 x 12) East Malaysia.


For ETERNAL BEAUTY and Free Massager Pouch + Free Skincare Product Range and Mask/Pack

DP- RM1880.00  (EPP 156.70 x 12) West Malaysia
        RM1901.00  (EPP 158.50 x 12) East Malaysia.
This is the current ongoing Eternal Beauty for the fourth quarter of 2009. If you are wondering, I am not an Elken Representative. However, if you are interested in the product, I can provide you the contact of the Rep who approached me. ^^
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A Sunday Afternoon at The Pavillion

This afternoon, I had made my way to The Pavillion, located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur beside Starhill.

Why? It was because on Saturday night, I had gone to survey the Sothys roadshow in Bangsar that opened on Friday (23rd Oct). One of the bloggers, Jessying had earlier blogged about this event in her blog, and I thought it would be a good time to find out more information on this brand.


The roadshow was basically to launch a new facial, the Collagene Hyaluronic Intensive Treatment (for the females), as well as the Sothys [C] Pore Refiner System (for the males).

The Price? - RM278 for 1st Trial Promotion (NP Rm380), or RM330 including a Free Cleansing Kit worth RM153.

The New Intensive Treatment- the [C] Collagene Hyaluronique has 5 main phases including Exfoliation, Smoothing, Restructuring, Plumping, Lifting Mask, and finally, The Serum. It also came in packages of four and more treatments.

Its claims include "it may substitute dermato-aesthetic techniques for customers afraid of surgery, or in association with dermato-aesthetics techniques, as it acts on the general state of the skin and can help maintain the results of these techniques"

But what intrigued me was actually their much lower priced on-going 128 Faubourg promotions, which was the "customized" facial for RM128 (Duration: 1 hr 15 min). Apparently, customers could purchase a first trial package, rather than just one trial facial for RM128 (all facials essentially being the Trial Price of Rm128).If you want more information, you'd have to inquire within.

Jessying had also made an appearance to the roadshow an hour after my arrival.


From my observation of both outlets, I much preferred the outlet in The Pavilion. It is located in The Seventh Heaven, which is actually the seventh floor of the shopping mall, and accessed through an external escalator.

The Seventh Heaven is an area that has been devoted to all beauty & lifestyle salons, being Slimming Sanctuary, Bizzy Body Platinum Ladies, Adonis Wellness, New York Skin Solutions, May Fair Plus, Mary Chia, Asterspring, some others that I can't remember their names, and of course, Sothys. I was surprised to find out that the Bizzy Body in The Pavillion actually offers whitening facials, and massages.. which has been pretty unheard of...

The fact that the salons in The Seventh Heaven were all open was surprising news to me, as most are normally closed on Sundays. I was greeted by the Sothy's Senior Beauty Specialist, Celine, who gave me  the impression of being knowledgeable, and well-spoken.

Indeed, I was impressed by her manner of introducing the treatments, as well as her knowledge of the in-salon promotions as well as the other sothys-partner salons. Mostly, I appreciated her frankness and honesty in providing the information I required.

Most of the promotions on-going at the Bangsar outlets were on-going in the Pavilion outlet.

This includes the Sothys Origin Kit which retails for RM150 (including Sothys Membership, a complimentary Cooling Hydro Eye Treatment voucher worth RM90, RM50 cash voucher, Sothys Vanity Pouch and five travel size of their star products).

I would suggest to purchase the Origin Kit and try out the Cooling Hydro Eye Treatment that day itself (if vacancies are available) before going making an appointment to go for an actual facial another day. Of course, the redemption of the free treatment depends on its pertaining salon and its terms & conditions.

For more information on the 128 Faubourg salons, click here.


Apart from the Sothys outlet, I had also visited the Parksons Pavillion, as well as Tangs. Pavilion has two major anchor tenants being Tangs, and Parksons. I managed to procure a free sample of the REN 5ml Multi-Mineral Pore Minimising Detox Mask.

I was not expecting to get any samples, but two of the SAs had approached my friend, Asta, and had demonstrated one of the product on her hand. As I was there, We gave our information to the SA and were each given a sample, to our sheer delight! ^^ We did not have such luck at the Tangs REN though! So if you guys are interested, you may want to try out the Parksons Pavilion for that purpose. Whilst stocks last!


We parked nearby at the Standard Chartered building, right behind The Pavilion building.

Parking charges came up to RM3.50 per entry. This is valid ONLY on Sundays, Public Holidays, and after 1pm on Saturdays, with parking available to visitors from the 4th Floor onwards.

[ PHOTOS will be up later!!]
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Malaysia: Holistic Esthetics (Sothys- Partner salon)

Ever wanted to try out treatments by Sothys but could not afford its range? Well, Sothys-Partner salons offer the same range of treatments, but at more attractive prices.

I found this in the recent 13th October 2009 The Star- StarSpecial Body, Mind & Soul write-up of Holistic Esthetics. As Holistic Esthetics is a Sothys- Partner salon, hence, the salon offers both Sothys body & facial treatments as well as other in-salon promotions.

               Different body & facial spa treatments from RM88 onwards.

I've not been there before, but that's all right. Please put 'The Beauty Regime- Chea Yee' as reference, when you do head over to this salon.
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How To Write A Complaint Letter (That Gets Results!)


How To Write A Complaint Letter (That Gets Results!)

I am putting this entry up- as requests have been made for me to put it up to show the format of my written grievance to a particular restaurant I had frequented recently. A number of people have asked "WHY BOTHER" to make any complaints, as the level of the customer service in Malaysia is already so bad.

Well, that's the point

I respect myself as the customer. I know my rights, and I WILL exercise it. If everyone holds the viewpoint that complaining does not work, and "nobody does anything about it", it will remain as that- BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Attached below is the the transcript of the email I had forwarded to this particular "upmarket" diner in Mid Valley, whom I shall not name- as they have been 'prompt enough' to provide an immediate response to my complaint.

The complaint was written on Sunday midnight (00:00 hours)- meaning Monday morning.
To: XXX Restaurant 
The Manager,

Dear Sir/Madam,

It has been over a month ago, but I would like to comment on the quality of the food that was served to us.

My friend, HZ and I, CY had gone to the Mid Valley branch for afternoon tea one weekday in the month of September 2009. I can't remember which day it was, but our experience of the food there was just horribly bad that I do not think it should be left unsaid.

I had ordered a cappucino, where-as my friend had ordered an apple crumble, and a cold drink.

I was expecting smooth nice coffee as it was my experience of what cappucino is. The cappucino that I ordered did not taste anything like coffee. it tasted like watered down coffee, or worst, water which had a bit of coffee taste. I don't know which to call it.

It tasted even worst than my 2 in 1 cup of coffee sachets that I normally drink in the office. I have drunk good cups of expresso based coffee, and your cafe should be ashamed to serve and call this a "cappucino" and expect customers to pay RM8.00 for it. I would not even drink it if it was even given free. Instead, I had to order tea as a substitute.

For your information, I have done work experience as a barista-in-training in Sydney, and this is worst than their AUD2.00 side walk coffees.

My friend, HZ, had ordered apple crumble. When our order came, we were shocked to see that there were FLIES stuck between the apple crumble...!!  I do not know what was happening in the kitchen, but to have this happen in bright day light of the afternoon, I would like to know exactly what the kitchen staff were doing when they were serving the food.

My friend was obviously not too pleased, and had to return the dish to the kitchen and order another dish on top of it.

When our bill came, we paid the FULL PRICE for our order, and we did not have our meal for free. I am writing this, as I was not satisfied with the quality, and I would expect that your Management look into this matter, so that this would not happen again in future.

Disgruntled customer,

The reply that came swiftly at 18:00 hours of the same day.
Dear Ms CY,
Noted with the comment and I will do my investigation about this case.As per standard, we serve the cappuccino with “Double Espresso” and top up hot with milk & foam.And it should not taste like water.I already spoke to my “Bar tander” about this & warned them to make sure the quality must  always as a standard. I’m really sorry for what was happen for your visit to our café at Mid Valley.
In ligt of this, I would like to invite you to our café @ Mid Valley for having a dessert and also coffee or tea on the house and I will personally take care your table on  that day.
Please do not hesitate to contact me before you coming for me to make a reservation and arrangement.
Thanks & Regards,
XX Manager. 
The reply is not exactly to my expectations, so I am thinking of a response to it.

In writing a formal complaint letter- these are some guidelines.
1) Make sure you send it to the RIGHT person. and do not send it to just one person, but a few related individuals/departments of that same party/company.

Provide them a lead time to respond to your grievance- about 7-10 days maximum before deciding to contact them personally (and make a lot noise!).

2) If writing in English, make sure you use proper grammar, and do a spelling check before you send that letter. A well written, but strong letter will command more respect and faster response time from the other party.

3) Think about what you want to achieve when you write your case out. It's like debating in court.

State out your case, and what had exactly happened. The more information provided, the better. Only relevant information that makes your case stronger should be put in.

4) State out the reasons, and provide strong evidence why you feel you have been "mistreated".

5) Also, when possible, write out your own solution- from where the other party could meet your requirements. Either all of it, or halfway. Always provide more requirements, so that there is some room for leeway

Remember, you are your own negotiator. The other party will always want a solution that goes in their interest.

6) Structure & arrange your case in a manner that can be easily understood by the other party. It should not be confusing, that they have trouble understanding what your letter is trying to communicate.

7) As the last resort, if the other party FAILS to provide an adequate response, by all means threaten to post it on your blog and write to the Malay Mail. Nobody likes bad publicity, no matter how small.

There is a time to burn bridges, and there are some where relationships made could be beneficial.

8) NEVER GIVE UP- Persistency Pays in winning a case.

9) If following up by telephone-
Write down the name of the person you have spoken to, & when you made those calls.

Keep those details intact.

If it is an urgent matter, by all means call the party every three days, and raise your voice louder on the phone to let them know that you mean business (as well).

Then call them again every three days. and the next. and the following three days... and the next......
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Malaysia: Gloria Jeans Saves The Day!


When I found out that I had to go to Sunway to meet a client today, I decided to make an appointment to try out the Passion-Anggun promotion they had available at the Asterspring outlet in Sunway Pyramid. The mall is located a distance from my place, but traffic is barely congested, and parking bays are easily available. Hence, the inclination.

As usual, I check that I leave my cards at home. No need for unnecessary spur-of-the-moment spending. My arrival time was 16:10 ish at the outlet and as per procedure, went through a consultation of filling information in, medical requirements, and then the face scan using some complicated gadget which I had to put my head through (an infra-purple face scanning contraption).

After "transcribing" the face scan information to me.. the BA started her "sales pitch".

BA: Our free consultation is RM68, but if you "top-up" another RM58 on top of it, we'll give you a full facial on top of it, which includes double cleansing, extraction and etc. (Or that was the gist of her sales pitch..)

Me: (I looked at her). No.

I insisted on my complimentary micro-mapping ... finally the BA relented, and brought me into the salon room.

Knowing that the BA was going to continue pitching to me if I did not do something- I quickly wrote an  emergency text message to my friend, SH- to come in and "deliver" me from the hands of the BA.

When I made the phone appointment, I was told that the time taken for the entire process would only take 30 minutes tops, including consultation. Which I thought, hei, that should be fine. But it ended up with the entire process taking almost one hour.

My friend, SH was getting annoyed and impatient at having to wait for me outside..

He went into the outlet - two times. Making a lot of noise- and insisting why was the entire process taking so long.. one of the other BAs came in and informed me that "your friend is making a fuss outside, and asking you to hurry up"

After which, when I came out, the BA had placed a Dry Skin Starter Kit on the table.

She started on her sales pitch. Again.

BA: "Since you are our first time customer, you get to buy the starter kit for RM188 only (NP RM250+). We will key in your details into the computer, so if you were to go to any other Asterspring or Leonard Drake outlet, you'll no longer be a first-time customer, and won't be able to get this at such a special price".   

Me: It's fine.

And then I left.

Hah! Like I was going to pay RM188 for your products when I have yet to try any samples. The company you are working for has stated "complimentary consultation". So it should remain as that-"COMPLIMENTARY". Yes. and I was not given any samples to try.

Perhaps this part is a bit disputable, as it was not the main outlet (at KLCC), and the outlet may have limited samples. But what can I say? I will stick to my guns- and WILL NOT purchase anything if I have yet to try it. As again, I may get an allergy to it.. so it is better that I play it safe. So in conclusion, unlike some people,
my experience of Asterspring at the outlet was not so good...

SH: "She was pushy to you. So I pushy to her. Fair & Square".


Now, who said exercising our rights was easy? A bit difficult in Malaysia...

Ladies Day- 30% OFF on all food & drinks! (limited to specific* outlets only).

The Menu- Outlet Manager- Mohamad Nazreen- Good Job!

After which, we took a stroll around the mall.. and I saw that Gloria Jeans had 30% off- being Tuesday, Ladies Day.

When I was in Sydney, my korean friend, Jo was a huge coffee & cake fan. Since we both shared a  love for coffee, we'd head over to Gloria Jeans in our time off. We'd normally share a large order as I could not finish one. If you did not know, Gloria Jeans IS an Australian brand, and the Aussies love their country. ^^

So we headed over to Gloria Jeans. I had to order, being the "lady".

It was a good choice. Really made my day.

My two orders (shared-- so that makes ONE LARGE order)

The RM10.50 (large sized) cappucino had 30% off , making it RM7.70 for one. It tasted REALLY good, that I ordered two! (Currently on a caffeine overdrive.).

I was really pleased with the place, as not only did the coffee taste good, the staff were very helpful, and kept asking if I needed anything when I went inside. It was a barista-in-training who made my coffee, and he made a good one.

If you are wondering why I make a fuss over my espresso drinks - having good smooth tasting cappucino is a combination of a few factors- freshness & quality of the ground coffee beans, ability to steam milk to right temperature, and that the Management sees the importance in training skilled baristas.

A well-made espresso drink tells a lot about a coffeehouse.

If the basic drink is not made well, the expectations of the coffeehouse's quality will be downhill from there. Indirectly, it shows the priority that its Management puts on the basic aspects in their customer service. It takes a lot of practice & effort to make a good espresso drink, and that includes the expenditure for milk and coffee bean supplies.

I have been to cafes where bad coffee were masked by either using too much milk, or too much sugar, and is bitter. Ground coffee beans cannot be left over night as they will lose their flavour- and some coffeehouse may not want to waste those...

Or worst, where the coffee does not taste even like coffee, but a concoction of water with coffee-flavour in it, "pretending" to be a cappucino.

So, it's not just making money for a cup of coffee, but ensuring that quality coffee is served.

I am not sure about other Gloria Jeans outlets, but this one is good. You can try others, and tell me how good they are....

For all my greed... am currently suffering in the loo now...
I'm *lactose intolerant!!!*  >.<
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Malaysia: Citibank Visa Debit Promotion (Oct- Dec 2009)

In my other blog, I had introduced the Malaysian issued Citibank Visa Debit card.

Here are some of their worthwhile promotions for the month of October onwards.


Carolina Herbera 
- Free 10 ml travel sized fragrance worth RM60 with a minimum purchase of RM250.
Tel: 22878899

Chloe- EDT 75ml at RM212 (NP 330)
Tel: 22878899

Hilly- 30% off new leather handbags and wallets.
Tel: 4296 5128

Borders Bookshop- FREE RM10 Borders Gift Vouchers with a minimum purchase of RM100 in a single receipt on full priced books (limited vouchers available!)

BP Health Care-
- Citibank General Health Screening Package for only RM20.

- BP Hearing Solutions Promotion -

Click on the ads above for more information.
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CheaKy Gal shows us the way of her Facial!


*she laughs cheekily and takes out her light saber and points to the screen*

*Dramatic Drum-Roll*

*Dum* *Dum* *Dum*!

As I have an entire stash of skincare products here and here , here is a way I have devised to use it - based on the instructions found on the world wide web. Let's see if this will work...

Mikamsu Cleansing Range-cheap & good.
1. Cleanse- Cleansing Milk, followed by Cleansing Gel/ Wash   (Double Cleansing, so to speak).
- Remove all oils and dirt. It eliminates any greasy film existing on the skin's surface such as creams or sebum and facilitates the penetration of the active parts of rest of the treatment.

2.  Exfoliation to remove dead cells.
- Using exfoliation gel, cream, etc. (somewhere in the bathroom...)

2A: Stimulating Massage Face (Optional Step)
- increases the circulation to achieve a better penetration of the nutrients of following the treatment.

3. Apply Treatment Mask-

  Beauty Cottage serums & powdered mask (rubber) sachets.

 Method One:
Apply serum over face.

Place gauze sheet over face.Apply rubber mask atop the face over the gauze sheet... The rubber mask forces moisture from the serum into the skin, re-hydrating the cells. Leave on for 15-20 minutes.

 Mijain Hwangto clay mask.

 Method Two:
Clay mask- apply dry. It will dry out...

Method Three:
Apply a home-made mask over the face, neck and décolleté area and leave on for 15 minutes. Use a wet gauze mask over the mask to keep the product wet during the effecting period and make the removal easier. Remove with a damp towel at the end of the effecting period.

        Flebeaute Collagenic Massage Cream series, lifting essence, and 70 cream

4. Apply Hydration & Massage / Facial Toner

Apply serums first, them moisturizer (or blend one or two pumps of oil into moisturizer in your palm before application), and then work them into the skin with light, relaxing massage movements (such as Lymphatic Drainage).

Body Shop Aloe Eye Defence

5. Apply Eye Cream/ Treatment.

6. Sun Protection (Depending on time of the day)
Apply Moisturizer to damp face- helps lock moisture

Some tips from Viva Woman from amongst her many entries for a daily toner & face serum application  with moisturizer use:

Arsainte Eco-Therapy Tonic with Essential, & Extreme-Moisture Cream

- Applying Toner:
Leave toner damp before applying moisturizer. Don't apply moisturizer to dry skin, but don't apply moisturizer to wet face as it will slide off.

Sini Australia Hydrating Serum

Beauty Cottage face serums.

Applying Face Serum - wait 5 minutes till it has been totally absorbed before applying moisturizer. A good face serum actually helps the moisturizer to penetrate deeper and provide effective hydration.

I hope this works. ^^



Providing Duty of Care to your Customers.

Pursuant to this, I have since returned to the salon for about three body treatments now. With a remaining of six body treatments from my package to go.

My body treatments average on RM150+ per treatment day that I go in. With that in mind, I do not take my body treatments lightly... it is A LOT of money.


The consultant that I had mentioned in the previous entry, has since buckled much in providing customer service care. But as they say, leopards do not change their spots overnight . . .

How about the Outlet Manager? I will reserve my comments till I have completed all my treatments.

Hence, I will reserve ALL further comments till all my treatments have been completed.

I also noticed a new pile of Customer Service feedback forms sitting quietly on the front desk. Briefly reading through it, among the questions in the feedback forms, with multiple-choice answers were:
  • How would you rate the effectiveness of the treatments?
  • Would you recommend the treatments/service to others?
  • Are the treatments/package affordable?
  • How did you find out about the company?
Perhaps the answers will change how the company markets its promotions in future. That is, IF the feedback forms have actually been distributed . . .


Now we come to the crux of this entry. What does providing Duty of Care to your customers mean?


Loosely translated, it is a legal term that means "taking a course of action by an individual, entity, or representative of a service provider towards the other party in their care to prevent substantial damage, loss, or injury". 

It has been practiced since 1932 in the United Kingdom, and applicable in countries where the common law of tort is in use. 


A way to illustrate the understanding of Duty Of Care is this case where this major skincare retailer should have provided duty of care towards the disgruntled customer.

Providing samples to protect the company in a legal case?

Perhaps many Sales Assistants have the idea that giving samples is a waste of the company's marketing strategy, and all the customers there are poor & greedy. Yet they forget that they are representing the company when they work FOR the company.

Aside from promoting the products to create awareness, samples actually serves to protect the company in the interest of the law.

Providing samples and having a time-frame set for the customer to test out samples serves to weed out customers that may develop allergies towards the ingredients or substances used in the product.

Or if the company is unable to provide samples, and the customer has developed allergies to the entire set of skincare products they bought, the company should not make it difficult for customers to return the product.
The person in this situation should have pursued the case with the company, instead of just leaving it as it was...


Duty-of-care is where one party neglects, or does not protect the interest of another, and as a result, the other party suffers.

When that happens, especially in the case of the retailer in the case above, the injured party has the right to bring the party that caused the injury to court, and this element can be used in a court case, as I shall illustrate in the case below.

In legal terms, it is defined as "the common law concept of Duty of Care provides the basis for claims based on Negligence".


If you think that duty-of-care does not exist in Malaysia, think again.

Jeff Ooi begs to differ, and so does the law as the local media states this recent case  in GeorgeTown, Penang

A man sued a carpark operator for negligence in duty-of care, and he won the case.

So, Service Providers, you should watch your backs. There will come a time when the general public is not that forgiving.


Entry dated: 17th October 09.


Reflection: My trip to Singapore.

In Singapore- ChinaTown during the Mid-Autumn festival.

It's been a while since I had left the country. I officially returned to Malaysia in the last week of January this year, after I had been away from the country for over two years after leaving for Australia to complete the remainder of my undergrad studies in Toowoomba in 2007.

How was Singapore?

I headed during the Raya holidays late September. I was lucky to get cheap flights on Tiger Airways.

My trip was initiated due to someone in my social circle, but for reasons unknown, decided to pull out of the trip, leaving me to fly there on my own. Obviously I had squabbles with her over it, but I shall not dwell on it further..  it was definitely not a good feeling, I must tell you. To that in future, I would have to take suggestions from similar and like characters with a pinch of salt.

Truth be told, it feels a bit funny to be paying for purchases for products where the currency is about three times of the currency where you are getting your payroll from, and its only walking distance between paying for it in Malaysian Ringgit , or Singaporean dollar.

Not to mention, that almost everything is almost similar. If it I were in Australia, or South Korea, it would be a totally different feel altogether.

Going to Singapore on my own was definitely an eye opener. It did give me a funny feel to fly on my own to Singapore.. from Malaysia. I know I have been travelling on my own, by myself throughout South Korea, and Japan, but its different when you know that there is someone at the end of your destination to come and meet you at the airport, or to show you around.

I was supposed to meet a local Singaporean friend from university, but that did not work out.

Oh well, we shall see how it works out when I finally rummage through the group tours as I plan for my year end holiday trip overseas.

Japan: Yusentei Garden @ Fukuoka City.

I arrived in Kyushu by ferry on a Friday evening. My Kyushu native friend, Haruna, whom I had met in New Zealand whilst on Kiwi Experience in North Island, picked me up from the seaport. Japanese customs are *VERY VERY* strict on allowing Malaysians entering the country. I had lost about 100,000 (AUD100) won that very day, and my notebook, so all my information was gone!!

Fortunately, the immigration officer noticed that my visa was issued in Sydney, Australia. It was that "little information" that prompted her to allow me to enter Japan. What a relief!

Not to mention that my phone was running out of battery in cold winter temperature. If you were wondering, yes, the phone battery does not last very long in winter temperature, especially harsh Korean winters. Although it was much warmer down south in Busan, and Kyushu, my phone did not last very long after that.

My Australian Pre-Paid Optus had no coverage in Japan either, although I heard that Post-Paid/Contract Optus accounts do run in South Korea though. Oh Well.

The next day after a quiet Friday night in, Haruna drove us around me around in the morning to look for a laundromat.. It seems that South Korea did not have coin-operated laundromats around. Had to carry dirty laundry all over Gyeong-Ju & Busan!! *Scary*

It was such a relief to be able to see something familiar again. Not cheap to wash your clothes, but whatever! Clean Clothes matter!

The simple but yummy okonomiyaki dinner that Haruna prepared on Friday..

Coin-operated laundromats.. not found in South Korea..

Up close. The machines operates 10 minutes for Y100. (about RM5.00)

Yusentei Garden- The garden remembered for its association with Kuroda clan of Chikuzen. The nearest garden to where Haruna was living at.
Admission: Y200 (Adults) (RM10.00)
20% Discount with presentation of Fukuoka Welcome Card Guide Book. (Y160).

 Pretty Japanese bridesmaids...

Behind the scenes.. its freezing cold with everyone in their shawls!

It was *cold*!!

The black & white bride & bridegroom.

Much later... after a change of clothing..

Carp swimming happily.

A view of the Yusentei Garden house beside the lake...

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South Korea- Busan: Meeting Friends, Jagalchi Market, Yongdusan Park

It's taken me forever to upload my South Korea & Japan pictures.. Imagine, these pictures were taken in January this year, and it's already Autumn - October now in Korea....

Yours Truly.. ^^

Hye- Ji.
Hye-Ji's friends..

Jagalchi Market in Nampo-Dong.

Inside Jagalchi Market..

Pusan International Film Festival gateway.

Yongdusan Park- Busan Tower.

Old Men & their toys.

 Young Men & their birds...
The joy of bird-feeding...

  Above & beyond...


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