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Clinique: A Complimentary 5-Day Men Age Eye Defenses Supply

Hear ye, hear ye... all the males in hiding on this site (where-ever you may be....) Here is your chance to get a free 5 Day Supply for Clinique's Men Age Defenses for Eyes! Check out Clinique's site to get your FREE supply for 5 days of younger looking eyes! ^^

Indeed, the skincare industry is wising up the next generation of males, and is catching up on the trend that males do and need to look after their appearance just as much as the gentler sex. So,

Terms & Conditions:
  • Redemption starts from 18th Septemer to 1st October 2009.
Upon filling in of your details, the server will send a text message to the customer's mobile phone. This message then has to be shown to the counter to redeem the stated sample.

Well, guys what Are You Waiting For?

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