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My Humongous Skin Care Closet..

Wondering what's in it?

In case anyone is trying to canvass me to get any more skin care products, here's THE reason why I am not able to afford any more!


                My Dressing Table...

1) 아르쌩뜨 에코- 테라피 Arsainte Eco-Therapy Daily Moisturizer
2) Arsainte Eco-Therapy Tonic With Essential x 2
3) Arsainte Eco-Therapy Extreme Moisture Cream (Day)
 4)위드 에센 (145ml)- Arsainte Eco-therapy -Tonic With Essential

5) Raspberry Slim & Lift Sleeping Mask (16,000 won only- but selling RM 90 in Malaysia!)
6) Natural Oatmeal Nutri Hand & Body Lotion
7) White Tree Ex- Vita Serum
8) Home Aesthetic Pack- Hydrating Milk Pack
9) HERB DAY- Cleansing Foam- Clarifying Acerola 170ml

10) Mikamsu- Cleansing Lotion (with a pump) 200 ml ( 클렌징 로션) x 2
11) Mikamsu- inbath cleansing light oil. (with a pump) 150ml
12) Mikamsu- Water & Lip Eye Make up remover (100ml)
13) Mikamsu- cleansing foam 150ml (클렌징 ) x 2

14) FLEBEAUTE COLLAGENIC thermage lifting essence (에센스)
16) FLEBEAUTE COLLAGENIC  Control Massage Cream

  17) All kinds of other samples from THE FACE SHOP  for buying in South Korea...
- Hyaluronic Acid - Essential Mask Sheet
- 15ml samples of Arsainte Eco-Therapy- Daily Moisturizer
- 15ml samples of Arsainte Eco-Therapy- Tonic with Essential
- 15ml samples of Wrinkle -Stop -Emulsion
- 15ml samples of Wrinkle Stop - Toner
- box of The Face Shop cotton pads

18) All other samples from other South Korean beauty retailers...
- box of Etude House cotton pads
- box of Missha cotton pads
- skincare samples from Innis Free
- skincare samples from Laneige


1) Nanosome Hydrating Serum (35ml) - (AUD45.00) For Correcting Wrinkles With Collagen.
From: Hyun Ju onne on my birthday.

Singapore Link: Click Here
Korean Link: Click Here


1) [ 스타일] 스타일 퍼펙트 아이라이너 -1
The Style- Perfect Pen Eyeliner. 5,500

2) [ 스타일] 스타일 피틴 아이즈 아이라이너- 1
The Style Fit-In Eyes Gel Eyeliner. 4 grams. 12,800

3) [ 스타일] 스타일 퍼펙트 컨실러 (라이트 베이지) - 1
The Style- Perfect Concealer 3 grams- 3,300

4) [ 스타일] The Style- Perfect Mascara Power Curling- Black-  4,800

5) 퍼펙트 커버 비비 크림 (21)- 1
M. Perfect Cover B.B Cream. 50 ml - 15,800 x  2.

6) Fruits Mix Sheet Mask- given free as sample.


1) Hydrating C Collagen Mask x 4 sachets (RM142.20 for 5 sachets)



1) 6 x 30ml Soins De Mains (Hand Cream) 30 ml
(SGD 80.00 on Tiger Airways- TAX FREE!!)
  • 2 x Cherry Blossom Hand Cream
  • 2 x Shea Butter Hand Cream
  • 2 x Honey & Lemon Hand Cream.

For the website, click here.
Ampoules in total, costs only RM50.00 + 
1) Tea Tree Clarifying Ampoules (4ml) x 8.
2) Eye Care Ampoules (3ml) x 8
3) Arbutin Lightening Ampoules (4ml) x 9.
4) Biopeptides Oxygenating Ampoules (4ml) x 9


These two little products cost almost RM100 in total!
1) Aloe Vera Eye Defense 15ml
2) Seaweed Pore Perfector 15ml
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Customer Service: Extremely Desperate Sales Behaviour


Customer Service: Extremely Desperate Sales Behaviour

Recently, after the Origins Be The Change event at Mid Valley recently, my colleague, Ven and I were feeling tired after a 3 hour hike around the mall.

I spied an anchor tenant that retailed home care reflexology machines, on one of the floors, and proceeded to enter the shop. On greeting, the salesperson who attended me tried a neck styled reflexology contraption which I draped around my neck.

Halfway trying out that contraption, I told the SA that I wanted to try out the feet reflexology machine, and moved towards it removing the neck styled contraption. My colleague, Ven, who was observing all this then asked for the price of the contraption, where the neck one came up to about Rm700+ , and the feet contraption about Rm1,000+.

Ten minutes into the machine, the SA asked if I wanted to buy it, and "cash, credit, or deposit", and he proceeded to take one from the cupboard and into the paper bag. I was very surprised!

The SA asked Ven if he ws going to get the contraption... on seeing that, the latter ran out of the shop and decided to sit on the bench opposite the shop for the next 20 minutes there after...

I told the SA that he must have frightened off my colleague who may not have wanted to stay after what he did! A bit after that, I indicated that I wanted to leave by turning off the contraption, but the SA must have realised my intention, and then decided to restart the  machine.

Fortunately, the SA decided then it was wiser to move from giving his sales pitch to small talk, and by the time I was almost done with the machine, there were other people entering the shop (a family with relatives and young children)..

Sigh. The things people will do for money....

It's a good thing I had less than RM50 with me.

An acquaitance, Mel, noted that this seems to be customary behaviour for sales people in a stationary outlet, where there is no inflow of customers, as compared to one on a road-show. Still, he was very much shocked-surprised when I told him of the salesperson's behaviour!


Korean Brand: Squid Ink Hair Care.

If you have ever been to a korean hair salon, you may have seen a poster with a picture of a squid on the wall. I could not find any information on the world wide web about "Cuttle Fish Ink".

However, there is a brand called "Squid Ink" or maybe known as O-jing-eo Ink-ku (오징어 잉크). The meaning of Cuttle Fish and Squid are similar in Korean. 

Brand: Squid Ink Shampoo
Size: 1000 grams
Price: 18,000 won (about  RM55 according to the website).

Here are two links I found to it on the internet Squid Ink HairDye
and  Squid Ink Colour Treatment.

That's solves the mystery, right?
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Malaysia, Kuchai Lama: Y & K Hair Care Saloon (Korean Professional).

I was having lunch at this korean diner, Sion Restaurant along Jln Kuchai Maju 1, Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park, when I saw the flyer for this korean hair saloon. So, they're finally mushrooming up around these parts, eh?

Anyways, these are the list of services provided by Y & K Hair Care Saloon.
  • Hair Cut RM30++
  • Cuttlefish Ink RM 130++
  • Volume Rebonding RM200++
  • Highlight + Colouring Rm100++
  • Rebonding + Setting RM250++
Their statement: "We take pride in offering the best quality in every product from Korea".

Mobile: +016- 318 1995
Business Hours:
10am- 8 pm (mon- sat)
2pm- 8 pm (sunday)
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My Singapore Stash & Purchases

As most will know, I just made a recent trip to Singapore. Though there was an unsavory moment prior to the trip, I decided to make the best of it..

Anyways, here bringing some of my stash.. nopz, I didn't buy much products, but mostly beauty & fashion magazines..

Chic SGD2.80, Elle (Sephora guide)

 Singapore Elle (Oct)- SGD5.50,
Singapore Harpers Bazaar (Oct) SGD5.00

Tourist Privilege Cards- Vivo (HarbourFront),
  Suntec City Mall, Ion Orchard, Marina Square.

Living Nature brochure, Singapore Tourist Pass,
Night Safari postcards, Loreal Beauty Sale flyer.

Loccitane- Happiest Hands Kit
6 tubes hand cream x 30 ml: 80 SGD (on Tiger Airways).

1 x Fleurs De Cerisier (Cherry Blossom),
1 x Dry Skin Shea
1 x Honey Meil & Lemon Citron
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Sales Tactic: Pushing Sales to Customer

Let me tell you of my experience in this place, which I shall call "the quiet before the storm".

This is of my experience to a salon that I went to for my body massage and facial treatment.
Time of Arrival: 1.00pm
Time of Departure: Almost 5.30pm.
Total number of hours taken: Including consultation, and sales pitch- about 4.5 hours.
Treatments Performed: Body Massage; Facial Treatments.

The average cost worked out for one treatment: RM77.00.
It seems really affordable for a two hour treatment each, right?

But there is a catch.


For those who have long gone to salons, they'd know by now that so called affordable packages is a way to lure to reel the fish in for a period of time. Although the package is priced low, for each time that the customer come for their treatments, among the ways, the salon employs the strategy of suggesting top-up treatments to the customer. Utilizing these so called auto-suggestions, it is now deployed as a sales tactic for the unaware & naive customer.

As what I experienced, regardless of whether the package was high or low priced, the salon will still try to push sales at the customer for each visit that they come in, from my experience.

The quiet and mild speaking masseur gently and patiently goes on and performs her magic on you, the client.....

Halfway whilst doing a body massage, she mentions that she feels cellulite on your body..

"Why not you try out our body and cellulite gel and creams? It'll help melt away the cellulite on your body", she suggests with a seemingly innocent air...

You find out much later that it is not very innocent at all...  how would you respond to it?

Mine went like this.. "Ah, it's all right. I'm not too worried about the cellulite"- and then immediately pretended to go to sleep, or ignore it! Ya... right!

This happened not once, but each time I went. Mostly if I were not using the salon's outrageously priced body creams and gels...

After cleansing your face from the make up, the so-called manager in the salon came in and had a look at my  face. She makes it sound like as though was the expert...

"Ah, I see that your face is quite dry. blah blah blah. Why don't you try our ampoules? One for the eyes, and the other for your neck. Very cheap only. RM120 for two ampoules. We are currently having a promotion now, next time cannot get it, you know? Must grab it or not the promotion end" she goes trying to instil the fear of loss in the customer.

But in my mind it was..hmmm hmmm let's see. RM77 pre-paid for the facial already + RM120 for two bottles of ampoules = Almost RM200+. About as expensive as going for a Sothys facial treatment. If that's the case, I'd rather go to my cousin's friend's Sothy's place la..

 Somemore dunno which brand this ampoule is from. No name brand? Better not risk it..  If I go to beauty expo, I can buy 10 ampoules for only RM120. I'd rather go to beauty expo and do my own facial instead!

I declined. The manager tries again to push the sale, in a light-hearted manner, I must say. She isn't forcefully pushy either. Thankfully.

When she leaves the treatment room, the aesthetician asks, why don't you want to top-up? 

Coz I'm broke already. I already spent a lot this month..

OH, she responds. After completing the entire treatment, the aesthetician again tries to push a sale.

Aesthetician: How about you try Cosmecnique Hydrating Collagen facial mask? 5 for RM158.00 only. This brand imported from Paris, France.

Hmmmm.. Not Interested. 

Then I asked her, have you heard of Sothys before?
Sothys ? What is that? 

Great.... (are they sure they work in a beauty salon?)

Cosmecnique. You heard of this brand before?


After I get changed into my own outfit again, I see an entire line of aestheticians standing behind the counter. Like vultures, they swoop down on the unsuspecting customer....

Another lady comes in and gives the sales pitch.

Our aesthetician recommended this product to you earlier. She informed me that you have xx type of skin. How about getting it from us? (on her side was a Cosmecnique skin-care starter kit retailing for Rm220). 

Then I asked How is this brand compared to Cellnique?

Cellnique? I have never heard of this brand before. 

Please tell me that the consultant was kidding! Please kid me not. Here was a consultant pushing her own brand, and have no idea what brands are out there... I am left wondering if they really know, or if they are just pretending...

Not giving up, I asked again. Then I asked the consultant to ask someone else in the company. She comes back trying to push her product at me with no concrete answer to my query.

Finally, the Manager came in. At last, someone who knows (or thinks) she knows what Cellnique is. I am beginning to wonder how long the aestheticians have been working here before...

Finally after a while, I decided to get the mask. Since I have never tried that brand before, I thought i would give it a try as the mask supply can last for two months. However, before I gave in, I pushed for a discount...
The Manager, Ms. A, gave me a 10% discount = RM142.20. (Rm15.80 discount off the published rate... enough to pay two days of parking!!).

Ms. A tried again to push their starter kit as well (which was a travel size Cosmecnique skincare for RM220- and RM100 rebate voucher), but I declined saying that I already had a complete set of The Face Shop skincare products at home.

When I arrived home, I went on to google some information on the brand Cosmecnique. There was not much info on it... but I did find the same face mask retailing for RM98.00 on a chinese website. I was quite annoyed with that piece of information.

On consultation with my cousin, Elaine who is also an aesthetician with a premium brand skin-care salon, this was the piece of advice she gave me,
"true, you can get it cheaper from the website. But as it is difficult to get information about that product on the internet, you wouldn't know if the product sold was original, or a fake. The product is also not widely known, like Dermalogica or Sothys, so the price of the product is a bit more difficult to control. Further, if you buy the product from the salon, you can be sure it is the real thing, and given based on "professional recommendation". If it's not, you can lodge a complaint against the salon. Also, you'd be providing the aesthetician their commission for their service...  " 


Before I went to the salon, I already knew in mind/ had an idea that the staff will be pushing sales to me. I did leave most of my cards at home.. instinctively I knew what to do. ^^

The thing about paying low for a package is that as humans, we sometimes forget that we have already paid for the services rendered. If the aesthetician performed or rendered an outstanding good service without complaints or grudgingly, it is somehow human nature that the customer will feel the compulsion to recipocrate the good service rendered by compensating - i.e tipping, buying their products, paying a bit more. even when they have already paid for the service.

That is when the problem comes... not wanting to look as though we are "the bad guys". Granted, that is just what I did. It was good service rendered after all... LOL. I can't really complain about that...

In summary, if you do not want to spend, don't bring any money out. Just bring enough cash for your transport, parking, toll and meals. Any other miscellaneous and non mandatory purchases can be delayed till the end of the month, or at least till your next pay-cheque comes.

I think it comes to learning to play the game of buy-and-sell which everyone hates, but have to learn to survive....


Clinique: A Complimentary 5-Day Men Age Eye Defenses Supply

Hear ye, hear ye... all the males in hiding on this site (where-ever you may be....) Here is your chance to get a free 5 Day Supply for Clinique's Men Age Defenses for Eyes! Check out Clinique's site to get your FREE supply for 5 days of younger looking eyes! ^^

Indeed, the skincare industry is wising up the next generation of males, and is catching up on the trend that males do and need to look after their appearance just as much as the gentler sex. So,

Terms & Conditions:
  • Redemption starts from 18th Septemer to 1st October 2009.
Upon filling in of your details, the server will send a text message to the customer's mobile phone. This message then has to be shown to the counter to redeem the stated sample.

Well, guys what Are You Waiting For?
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Giveaway: MTM Eye Spa Vouchers for "The Beauty Regime" Readers

I have been lucky to receive 3 vouchers for a complimentary session at the Premium Salon Brand MTM SKINCARE from The Robinsons goodie bag. So, in line with the festive Raya season, I have decided to be generous, and give it out to the loyal readers of The Beauty Regime.^^

Who or What is MTM Skincare ?
"The forerunners of the world’s first skincare centre for customised prodvouchersucts and treatments, MTM takes personal skincare further with exquisite new manufacturing techniques from Japan. Skin is analysed according to factors such as diet, environment and lifestyle, thus establishing tissue patterns, moisture capacity and internal temperature variations."
3 x MTM Skincare Vouchers up for grabs:

The Treatment:
Voucher for FREE One Session of Eye Spa Relaxation Treatment worth RM200.

Terms and condition of the Voucher:
  • Limited to 1st time MTM trial customer of age above 25 only. 
  • Not exchangeable for cash, products or other treatments. 
  • Redemption is dependent on suitability of redeemer's skin. 
  • The voucher is strictly not for sale. 
  • Booking Expiry: 15th October 2009. Voucher Expiry: 30th October 2009. 
Salon Locations To Redeem Vouchers: The Gardens Mall, Starhill Gallery.

TO WIN, answer this Question in the Comments section: " I WANT THE MTM EYE SPA VOUCHER BECAUSE..." 


  1. Please follow the rules, or your entry will become invalid. ^^  
  2. You must be a current subscriber or Google Reader of 'The Beauty Regime' to enter. Not one? Please do so first. ^^
  3. I will check to see if the ID details are matching. If they aren't, please inform me.
  4. This contest is opened to Malaysian residents only. (Else, you wouldn't be able to redeem it anyways!)
  5. To safeguard the reader's privacy, please do not provide any further details apart from your name for identification UNTIL the winners have been announced. 
  6. Names of winners and their ID should be similar for identification purposes. 
  7.  ADDITIONAL ENTRIES: Each person is restricted to ONE entry only.  However, you can score ONE (1) additional entry(ies) if you blog about this giveaway in your blog, provided you own one.  The blog must contain a link back to this entry page
  8. If you own more than 1 blog, posting is allowed on all your blogs, with each post qualifying as an additional entry.After doing that, please return here and post the url of the blog entry(ies) if you have done so.
  9. You may enter more than once, but one voucher per winner only.
  10. When the giveaway ends, 3 winners will be chosen in a random order.
  11. I will be sending out the voucher via normal post only. 
  12. Once the winners have been announced, please furnish your details to me soonest possible so postage of the vouchers can be expedited by the next day.  I will provide a separate email for this purpose.
  13. This giveaway ends on Sept 24th, 2009 11:59pm (Malaysian Time).

Dermalogica & Asterspring: Free Facial Treatment (worth RM68) up for grabs!

Are you a fan or Dermalogica or Asterspring, or any of their range of products & services? If you've always been a curious busy-bee, and like free stuff, here's a freebie I found on their website!

It seems that with the upcoming Raya festivity, Dermalogica & Asterspring has decided to be generous & join in the "free giveaway" holiday season in giving out free facial treatments worth RM68 for new customers who sign up at their website, Passion Anggun.

Accordingly, the Terms & Conditions of this offer is:
1. Employees and current customers of Asterspring International Sdn. Bhd. are not eligible for this free offer.
2. Each person is allowed to register for this free offer only once.
3. Offer is valid until 30/09/09.

Their website claims that there is no catch and no obligation to purchase anything. After key-ing in your details, they will send you an email with details on how to redeem the free Dermalogica treatment. Easy as that!

So, what are you waiting for? Go grab it before it ends!


Malaysia- Maybank promotion for Shiseido Exclusive Makeup Sets!

I saw this on the website last night when I was busy websurfing. Apparently, there is a promotion valid for Maybank cardholders available at all Shiseido counters nationwide now!

These are the details of the Shiseido Promotion: 

(Limited sets available, based on 1st-come-1st-served basis).
Special facial package (only available at Isetan KLCC, Gardens & Gurney: TBC on the location)
  1. 50% discount for 1st trial
  2. Customers who sign up for the facial package will enjoy gifts & additional services for free.
Sign-up 3 facial sessions (normal price) at Shiseido Japonica facial heaven to enjoy FREE:
  • 1 facial retreat of the same price
  • 4 Sparkling Eye Treatment (worth RM152)
  • Shiseido basic skincare samples
  • ZEN fragrance 1ml
  • Perfect Rouge replica
Validity period: 22 August - 31 December 2009

The website does not state specifically if it has to be a Maybank CREDIT card or Maybankard. But if you're either one and is really interested, you could drop by or give the bank/salon a call to get more information!
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Tiger Airways: Flying to Singapore CHEAP-CHEAP.

Tiger Airways: Flying to Singapore CHEAP-CHEAP.

After going through the hassle of checking out the different modes of transportation, I finally bought my tickets to Singapore. Tiger Airways is truly cheap, when every other normal cheap airlines could not!

It was even cheaper as I possessed an Australian issued debit MasterCard. For some reason or another, my RM12 credit/debit card fees were waived because of that! Wow.

RM139 - on a 10 hour one way- Kereta Api Tanah Melayu ride from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore.
RM90- for a four- five hour one way- bus coach ride from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore.
RM137- for a return journey on Tiger Airways Kuala Lumpur to Singapore.

It beat Air Asia by about RM200. My flights to Singapore return for this busy Raya festive time cost me RM137 (with no luggage) , and only free carry on 7 kgs luggage, taxes and everything included.

You might want to consider it after all. ^^
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And I"m Off To Singapore, Guys!


And I"m Off To Singapore, Guys!

 Hi readers, this is to inform you guys that I'd be away this coming weekend (19th-21st September) to Singapore for 3 Days 2 Nights.

Well, that is, should everything go as intended.

With Raya around the corner, it was truly a last minute decision. I was not even sure if we'd be able to even get accomodation, nor transport to head down. But it seems that some ad-hoc trips could be sheer fun for the stress it produces! Heh. What with the Grand Prix F1 that will be on next week, and everything, I thought accomodation would be like looking for a needle in a haystack..

I'll be checking in at a budget accomodation, very near to a MRT (lucky us!), costing a mere SGD58 for a twin-bed sized room.

I've already created a list of things I have to do.. which is to do RESEARCH for my blogs. LOL.Well, what can be said of that... that's what bloggers do anyways. I'll look out for the hidden travel spots, the best food, and hide-aways in Singapore, and tell you guys all about it

In the mean time, enjoy your Raya holidays, and don't get fat!!
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And I"m Off To Singapore, Guys!

And I"m Off To Singapore, Guys!

 Hi readers, this is to inform you guys that I'd be away this coming weekend (19th-21st September) to Singapore for 3 Days 2 Nights. Well, that is, should everything go as intended.

With Raya around the corner, it was truly a last minute decision. I was not even sure if we'd be able to even get accomodation, nor transport to head down. But it seems that some ad-hoc trips could be sheer fun for the stress it produces! Heh. What with the Grand Prix F1 that will be on next week, and everything, I thought accomodation would be like looking for a needle in a haystack..

I'll be checking in at a budget accomodation, very near to a MRT (lucky us!), costing a mere SGD58 for a twin-bed sized room.

Along the way, I'll be there to check out their health & beauty secrets, as well as the local Singaporean  skin-care product ware in Singapore city. Will also check out what's hot at the shopping malls, and report back to you guys. Maybe even get away with local freebies? (if that is even possible!).

Okay, Ta-Ta!  Enjoy your Raya holidays!
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Product Review: Sothys Normal - Combination Face Care Regime

When I found out that M is an avid fan and user of Sothys facial care products for the last 3 years, she was the person in the position to best ask about the value worthiness of the Sothy face and skin-care range.

During our trip to Frasers Hill recently, she had time to further explain the Sothys Normal to Combination Face Care product regime to me.

Sothys Face Care Range for Normal to Combination Skin:

Step 1) Normalizing Beauty Milk ( make up remover cleansing milk)
- Smooth & Soft Cleanser to normalize and protect the skin.
Results: Resilient & Soft Skin
Key Ingredients: Grapefruit & Coconut Oil.

Step 2) Morning Cleanser (Cleansing Gel)
-A very mild & slightly foaming cleanser to gently clean away impurities
Results: Calm & avoid skin tightening.
Key Ingredients: Vitamin B5 and F, Camomile.

Step 3) Desquacream (Enhancer)

-Eliminate persistent impurities & soften subcutaneous blackheads
Results: Eliminate impurities, radiant complexion.
Key ingredient: Astringent & Lipo Amino Acid.

Step 4) Normalizing Lotion (Toner)
-Non alcohol based lotion to balance & protect the skin
Results: Resilient & Soft Skin
Key Ingredients: With Hazel, Cucumber.

Step 5) Hydra-Protective Cream (Moisturizer).
- A rich, soothing cream with Divatonyl
Results: Diminishes small skin imperfections, hydrated skin.
Key Ingredient: Divatonyl

Skin Type Suitable For: Normal to Combination Skin

Weather Type : Used in Malaysian weather

Age range suitable: M was in her early 20s when she started using the Sothys range of face care products, and has been using it ever since.

Price Range: RRP is RM1,000++ for the entire set of Sothys face-care line of products.

Recommendations: M states that the Sothys range works well for her. Out of the entire range, M states that if there is only one product she could only afford, it would be the Normalizing Lotion (Toner) as she states that it is good for blemishes and acne. Upon application, the solution dries up the problem areas.

A further review of the products above will be written later. Do wait for this space!
Eric & Guy Hair Salon: Glue-Free Hair Extensions Specialist.

Eric & Guy Hair Salon: Glue-Free Hair Extensions Specialist.

Have you ever wanted to have hair extensions done because you thought yours was just too short, and you just did not have an entire year to wait before you could change your appearance?

How about if you just wanted hair extensions the old fashioned way, by a specialist, not using glue because it might just drop, but extensions that were painstakingly pleated, and willing to pay for big money for it?

Well, that's what my cousin, M did. She had her hair extensions done at this hair salon in this hair salon in Jalan Lazat, Happy Garden, Kuala Lumpur. She was lucky to have her hair extensions pleated the old fashioned way by a  speacialist, and DID NOT use glue.

Now, I think that's good as the customer need not worry about hair dropping because glue is always at the risk of losing its "stickability".

THE SALON SERVICES: According to Mabel, the Eric & Guy Salon provides the normal hair services like wash, cut, perm, as well as hair extensions. "pok tau-fat" as they call it in Cantonese.

TIME TAKEN: About 3-4 hours taken to pleat half a head of hair extensions.

According to M, it takes about minimum 50 pleats even for half a head. For the whole head, it will take approximate 100 pleats, so in all it may cost approximate RM300+ in total.

Being, RM7 per strip (which contains 10 strands of hair). So 1 pleat costs RM28 being (RM7 x 4 strips).

LASTABILITY: It's been 12 months since M had her hair extensions done. It's still going good, and she did not need to return for any follow-up services.

M did it for the sake of changing her outlook. According to her, it may be expensive, but it can last long, and it provides a more natural appearance than say using wigs. M continued to say that customers have to do their own research to find a salon that will work out for them.

Sorry, but none is available as it could not be found on the internet. However, the place is located between Sri Petaling, and Happy Garden, near the dim sum restaurants on Jalan Lazat.

Good luck searching!!

Product Review: Clinique SPF30 with Solar Smart

Product: Clinique SPF30 with Solar Smart. UVA/UVB advanced protection.

Claims: Looking for a sunblock which is 100 % Fragrance Free, and Allergy Free? Well, Clinique claims that it has the sunblock of your answer.

How I Got The Free Sample : This product was redeemed from an online link from Facebook, which I received instructions to print it out.

When my friend Asta and I had headed down to Midvalley for a movie one Wednesday evening, we headed to the Clinique roadshow which was on a couple of weeks ago to redeem the tester product, that came in a 2.5ml sized sample sachet.

Climate: This weekend, I was at Frasers Hill for the weekend. Because it was sunny yesterday, I decided it would be a good opportunity to try out the sample of the product. The weather is a bit temperate up in the hills, with a temperature between 20-25 degrees in the day time. I know, Frasers Hill is no longer as cold as it was. >.<

When I tore open the wrapper, the cream was more solidified. Left a few hours later, it turned into a more liquidy-creamy consistency. The cream was not oily, and I found it was easily absorbed. It did not contain a strong smell (being that Clinique claims that it is fragrance free).

Colour: Cream is white.

Allergy Response? I applied the cream on my face in the morning till afternoon for about six hours and did not discover any allergy reaction. As stated, I possess combination skin for my face. I should think this product  would be safe for sensitive skin, but users should still try it before deciding to plonk down their hard-earned money for it.

Recommendations: For the malaysian weather, the sunblock does not seem too oily, and should be not give allergic reactions to the normal person. The product is a premium brand, so if you can afford it, by all means go for it. However, I'll have to look for a cheaper alternative as the price of this range is just above what I can afford, nor need.
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New Blog: The Beauty Regime


New Blog: The Beauty Regime

It's been a couple of months, so it's time for me to finally bring the eventual news of this new blog.

After a couple of unsettling circumstances, like the near rub with a certain slimming salon, this blog is "unofficially" up and ready to go.

Presenting: The Beauty Regime.

Check it out, and do leave lots of comments!

Thanks, Chea Yee.
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Malaysia: Robinsons- 2nd Anniversary Preview Sale


Malaysia: Robinsons- 2nd Anniversary Preview Sale

Robinsons will be having their 2nd Anniversary Cardmember Preview Sale from 13-15th Sept. 2009. I recently received an emailer from Robinsons informing me about their 2nd Anniversary Close Door celebration, the Autumn/Winter 2009 Collection Fashion.

Date & Day of Function:
Thursday, 10th Sept 2009
Time: 1830 hours.
Venue: Robinsons, The Garden Mall.

Dazzling Highlights include:
  • Door Gifts for early bird
  • Prizes Giveaway & stand a chance to win the grand prize worth RM2,000.00
  • Food & Beverages served.
  • F&B, fun games & live music.
See you there!
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Plus Size Kitten's 10-Day No-Shopping Challenge.


Plus Size Kitten's 10-Day No-Shopping Challenge.

Plus Size Kitten has started a 10 Day No Shopping (7th Sept- 16 Sept 2009) campaign on her blog.

I believe I really need to join in as I have gone totally above my budget for this month as well!!

So far, of the tasks she assigned which I have completed are:

1) Download I-Nuovi Professional's Free Gift worth Rm60 Voucher

2) Register to get B.Liv free samples by Cellinique.
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Wifi EMF: Dangers of a Modern Convenience.


Wifi EMF: Dangers of a Modern Convenience.

These days, modern homes are going "wireless". It seems the in thing is having a home connected wireless. Interior wise, it creates a cable-free home. Neat. Clean. But is it worth that for the sake of our health?

Well, what which may seem a convenience to mankind, is now starting to be deemed a health hazard.

Let me tell you of an incident in my home in the not too distant few weeks ago..

My brother, the techie person at home, had returned not too long ago from Melbourne. Whilst he was here, he bought a wireless Belkin router for home use.

I was shouting with joy upon the installation of this new baby....

Fast forward a couple of weeks late... my parents begin to have headaches, and even my mom had watering rhino sessions. My dad went to see a doctor, who upon consultation informed him that he was of good health.

Finally, it dawned on him that it was the innocent looking wireless router that was sitting by the corner was the cause of the problem. Most routers are not that strong, but it seems that the one that we was quite a powerful little contraption.

With that knowledge in mind, we decided to limit the use of the Wifi Router at home to a number of hours in the evening, and turning it off when not in use.

I don't believe in astrology, but here is a site on the internet about the dangers of cellphones and wifi connection, and some tips on how to look after your modern home hazard.

Energy Doctor: Shutting Down Town & School Wifi.
Here are some recommendations from the site.
  • Do not sleep with a mobile phone or radio alarm clock near your head
  • Use your mobile or DECT (house portable) phone for texts or on speakerphone. Do not hold it for long periods against your ear. An old-fashioned, corded, non-DECT, phone is better.
  • Switch off a wireless router whenever you are not using it and especially at night
  • Do not let children under the age of 15 use a mobile phone except for emergencies (a 10 minute call scrambles a child's brain waves for the next two hours)
  • Use a wired LAN system in preference to a wireless internet connection
  • If you have a pacemaker, make yourself aware of wireless technology in libraries, community centres and other places you visit
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So, Madam, Will It Be Cash, or Card?


So, Madam, Will It Be Cash, or Card?

Actually, it'd be by cheque.

Before the days of the credit card, cheques and cash were the more utilized form of payments available. In context of the beauty salons, I have come to find that paying by cash has very little benefit.

It is an acknowledged fact that hard cold cash paying customers would be in the position to be able to negotiate for a lower price, whether at a salon, or at your local mama-and-papa's shops. Sometimes even at a shopping mall, if you speak to the right person, and are looking at getting a high price ticket item.

However, as said, in terms of paying by cash, it does provide the benefit of a paying a lower premium for any item available under the sun without having to go through the entire red tape and extra charges that the banks seem to get. As well as the fact that the customer will never be in the red, nor have a debt (provided that they save before they buy).

But that is where the story stops.

I have found that for going to a salon, paying by cheque, or credit card is the better deal. Here are some of the reasons:


  • In context of the salons that employ really hard-selling strategies, it signals to the salon that they will not be able to push the customer too much, as to bank in the cheque means that the customer needs to have a certain amount of money else it gets bounced.
  • It really puts into perspective to the salon staff that the customer really is HUMAN = the "we are all working for a pay-cheque" image, and if cheque gets bounced, it would mean the account amount is ZERO.
  • It signals to the customer that they always have to be aware of how much is in their account before they can allow the cheque to be deposited.
  • The cheque still allows a certain form of assurance to the company that the customer will not run off without paying, which is not possible with cash.
  • The customer can always ask the bank to stop payment on a cheque, if they are not happy with the service of the salon.
  • Personally, I'd go for this if not for the fact that.. I'd have to write out TWELVE cheques just to pay for the same sum, if say I had to make payment based on a zero-interest 12 month instalment plan.
  • Having the ability to pay by instalment allows the customer to stagger out the payments on a monthly basis
  • Psychologically, it puts forward to the customer at the back of their mind: - of this "certain amount" will be towards their credit card monthly limit for that month - he still has to work out how much of his pay, savings will have to go to the "certain amount" payable.
  • CHARGEBACK: one of the benefits that is not possible by cash, or cheque. Of course, the customer can always complain to the bureau after paying cash, but that is a totally different entry altogether.
  • The customer can score credit card reward points. Although that is just one of the "side" benefits, but you really need to spend a lot to be able to get back much.

    The Disadvantages to this:
  • Not as effective a psychological barrier as the cheque, in terms of "remaining current account balance"
  • The company staff do not have to take pains to ensure that the customer's account is adequately "stable" before canvassing their treatments. As a result, for salons that employ hard-selling strategies, the image of the customer as being "human" is quickly forgotten.
  • If this doesn't work, then LEAVE your credit card at home!
Of the two, credit cards are good. But cheques are BETTER. ^^
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Malaysia: Lilac Salon@Kuchai Lama.


Malaysia: Lilac Salon@Kuchai Lama.

My new found friend, Shirley, who is absolutely crazy about facials, massages and hair-styles, found this hair salon at Kuchai Lama.

Treatment of Choice:
A Perm. What kind? I have no idea, but she says it looks great! ^^

The Damage Done to Her Wallet:
RM188 Nett.

Shirley informs me that the hair-stylist was formerly from Shunji-Matsuo, a japanese hair-salon, which is found in Hartamas. That's great to hear... there finally is a japanese-owned hair salon around these parts, and we can save on petrol & toll now. ^^

I must admit that Japanese males do know how to style their hair, as compared to their Korean counterparts. The japanese males have been accused of looking effeminate, to which statement I disagree with.

I think they have the ability to pull off hair-styles that typical koreans, or the chinese are not capable of doing so. At least, when I watch japanese dramas like "Absolute Boyfriend (Zettai Kareshi)", you could just swoon at the hairstyles, and wonder why your boyfriend or husband just couldn't look that good. ^^

Address for Lilac Salon:
12A, Ground Floor, Jalan Kuchai Maju 8,
Off Jalan Kuchai Lama, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03- 7981 2309.

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Malaysia: Touches De Siam@Midvalley


Malaysia: Touches De Siam@Midvalley

This afternoon, I was dragged to Mid Valley by a Long Lost MIA (Missing-In-Action) acquaintance during my lunch break to this reflexology centre called "Touches De Siam- An Oasis for Body, Mind and Soul". It was located in P2, near the parking lot.

It was the first time I had ever entered the place, but the second time I heard glowing recommendations of this reflexology centre. First by a friend, Shirley, who was once worked in the beauty & lifestyle area, and today by my friend, Zen. She had a really bad shoulder, and hence decided to drag me to Touches De Siam for the painful torture.

Zen opted for the Half Body Massage (RM42 inclu.5% tax) which ran for 30 minutes.

Apparently the place charges treatments apart from tax, so you'd have to calculate in the tax (like how one does at most fast-food restaurants in Malaysia).

Zen laid on the reclining chair and had the "aromatic eye pillow" placed on her eye for the entire duration of the massage. She seemed pretty comfortable, but I did not really linger around too much. The masseur did perform some "acrobatic-like" stretching and massaging on her.

At the end of the treatment, she was given a cup of ginger tea. Zen also gave some money as tips to the masseur for the job well done. I would deduce she was quite happy with her massage.

The lights were dimmed down, with most of the brightness coming from outside the reflexology centre, but it was not so dark that you could not see. There were long reclining chairs, which was placed in an enclosed area for privacy so passerbys could not actually look in from the outside. The reclining chair area was zoned for customers who opted for half body treatments (from waist up), or foot massages. Further to the left, were separate rooms with curtains drawn for customers who opted to do the full body massage.

Payment could be made by both cash, and credit card, and treatment packages were available for sale. The company also has arrangements with tour groups from China offering free "land travel" to Guilin, and other destinations, which I thought was a pretty good deal.

The place was clean. I'd have opted to take the massage, however I was not in the state of mind to do a massage. The fact that this reflexology centre has more than 20 outlets, and with the glowing recommendations from my friends who keep returning to Touches De Siam, I thought I may one day give it a try. Just not today.

Location address:
Lot NP2-K1, P2 Floor,
Midvalley, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2287 2881.
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