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YouJung Hair Salon, Hartamas: My Experience.

Today I went to have my hair done. Permed, and colour treated, that is.

I had been pondering on getting my hair done for a while ago.. and was planning on going to Park Chul's. Plans, like any other plans, sometimes go awry... and never executed due sometimes to certain unforseen circumstances.

By sheer coincidence, I managed to procure the car from my mother this, I stole some time off work.. *shhh*.. and drove to Hartamas. However, after parking my car (for about RM3, for three hours at a covered car park near Burger King), and walking out, I realised that my feet were hurting, and I could not be bothered to walk back to the car park to get the address for Park Chul's hair saloon..

So, like a lost and blind dog, there I was walking around with my hurting feet, and off randomly. Then I saw You-Jung, and decided to walk in!

 I didn't really negotiate much of the price, since I saw that was pretty much the standard price in the Malaysian Babes forum, and didn't bargain for a lower price, as I already had an idea of the standard pricing for the services to be rendered.

Initially, I was only thinking about getting a hair perm, but the lady (somehow was very persuasive) managed to get me to do a hair-colour treatment as well. I asked for "wine" colour, but she protested, saying that I should do "golden-brown" or something like that... which I finally allowed her to do, giving her the benefit of the doubt as a hair-dresser.

There was only one other customer in the salon, a korean ajumma, around the same time that I came in, as it was still mid afternoon before people had got off work yet. The salon owner's husband, and lady of indian descent late into the evening. According to one of the staff, who hails from Myanmar, the salon is normally crowded on weekends, and customers have to make an appointments in order to get a vacancy.

There were two other staff, and the owner-manager herself at the salon when I was there. I am not sure how many more other staff would be helping during the busy-crowded weekend, as I couldn't ask the owner, You-Jung who spoke limited English. So if you know some korean (or perhaps some other language the owner know) that would be very useful indeed!

As I went off outside the hair salon, I happened to stop in front of a hair salon (SHUNJI MATSUO) in the ground level of where You-Jung was. I say it was most likely serviced by either korean or japanese employees, as during my conversation on my mobile outside the salon entrance, a girl came to the front-desk near the entrance. I indicated that I didn't want to go in, by way of bowing, and the person bowed back, which totally surprised me, and hence I deduced that she was most likely NOT Chinese at all! LOL.

I also saw KENCE salon, nearby the car-park (along the same row as Maybank) which was mentioned in the Malaysian Babes forum. As I drove out of the parking lot, I saw many a number of korean people walking around, (which would not be surprising as the establishments in the entire vicinity was made up of Korean convenient stores, restaurants, other kinds of services, hair salons, a korean language school, and boutiques). An almost surreal Korean-like setting.

Every proper korean hair salon (at least, when I was in South Korea), will provide excellent amenities to their guests, and this by default, should include Japan as well. This is one of they key things that differentiates typical Chinaman businesses, and the Korean/Japanese establishments.

In this salon, they provided:
- A hot & cold water dispenser
- coffee, tea, and soft drinks (which would be limited to one per guest).
- An electric-reflexology foot massager.
- and, if I am not mistaken, a computer for internet access, although it was used for playing music when I was there.

- Time taken to choose a hair style and speak to owner: about 5-10 mins.
- Wash & Cut: about 20 mins
- Hair Colour Treatment: about 1 hour
- Digital Perm: about 1 hour.
In total, almost 3 hours in total.

- Wash, Cut (complimentary service)
- Hair Colour Treatment: RM150
Digital Perm: RM200
NETT Total: RM350.00

Payment Type: CASH, in multiples of RM50.00 notes.
After the service was rendered, I went to the counter to make my payment. Instead of paying by card, I decided to pay by cash, (as I had withdrew money earlier!), so that I could see "literally" for myself how much I was paying for it.

The owner gave me her card, and then in the typical Grand Korean Tradition, pointedly informed me to return the following week for a follow-up complimentary "service" Hair Treatment. Upon consulting an acquaitance, Shirley informed me that a Hair Treatment could take up to an hour, and would cost about RM100 or so.
Not bad for a follow-up service in that case. ^^

So far, the hair-style doesn't look too bad. But it's really hard to judge, until maybe a week later to give a definitive answer. Although a number of people have stated that it would be unwise to have dyed my hair the colour of "wine", which aroused horrified expressions from the others!


Esther said...

hi.i want to ask you.u chose digital perm right?how do u manage to take care of the hair?eveyrday use hair dryer to blow it?or use alot of styling gel??
as i went to a saloon located at sg chua,kajang.the digital perm they did for me lost effects after i shampoo my hair.and i spent RM250 for a digital perm and RM39 for buying the hair curl cream.and my hair now is like straight,just like before.
i applied alot the design cream for curly hair and use hair dryer to blow it.but there is no effect at all after my hair is complete dry. i went to the saloon and the boss aka hairdresser there,whom did the digital perm for me,said i did not know how to blow it.and so she styled my hair again there.i complaint that my hair is no curl at all.she only styled it again for me and if i want to perm again for more curly,i have to pay RM100. T.T it is just less than 2days.i hope u can share yr experiences for so sad now.

CheaKyGal said...

Check out my consumer protection entries.

My curly hair is defintiely very curly. need to go for a hair masque soon...

Where is the hairdresser from? Go back to the hair saloon and DEMAND that your hair is redone. if s/he doesn't budge, just threaten you will write to malay Mail, or the consumer tribunals. EIther way should scare off the fella. He may not want to give you a refund, but as long aas you get ur satisfied result, that should be better, right?

Better still if you have any receipts. that's proof that you did you hair two days back, and your hair is still straight after all that.

Claim Your RIghts! You should have no case to be afraid.

Ruby Princesa said...

Thanks so much for yr sharing ;)))

lay pyay said...

In my opinion, SuperCuts gives nice haircuts, especially if what you’re going for is pretty basic. Their name isn’t ‘youjung’, though… so be forewarned that it isn’t really for dramatic changes. I have a regular person that I see every two months or so, and get a quick cut at Great Clips when I need a touch up.

Sabine said...

hi there,

just went last week. loved the color n haircut i got. the stylist gave me exactly what i wanted after a very short an easy consult. never got the color or cut that i wanted at the same time ever before either in malaysia or abroad, so this was a special experience. btw, the salon is now called Yoo Jean (the owner/stylist name). contact is the same. additional infor from the business card:

director/stylist: Yoo Jean
mobile: 017-3809076

p.s. i have absolutely no association with the salon, except for being a potential return customer. really is a great place. try it. enjoy n gd luck.

sunny jeong said...

cinderella hair salon in hatamas is awsome. try their digital perm.

rahika said...

I was wondering whether this saloon handles afro hair?

CY said...

I believe that there is one in Summit Mall that handles african hair, coz I saw a shop with african people.

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