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Salons & Shops: Desa Sri Hartamas.

Today I was in Hartamas again! So I took a walk around the area, and will describe where all the salons and shops are (or at least some of the ones I remember).

The shops in this entry are facing towards Jln 27/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas.

Jln 25/70A:
Beside YOU-JUNG hair salon, there is (8, GRD FLR) SHUNJI-MATSUO hair salon.
If my memory does not serve me wrong, LOTTE convenience store, and (36G) DRY CUT HAIR salon are located a few rows apart from each other.

Towards the end of both these rows (forming a rectangle like shape) is CATS WHISKERS, a clothes boutique, which has clothes categorized by colour (useful when shopping for colour by theme).

Jln 24/70A:
On the same row where (12-1)PARK CHUL hair salon is, there is a GUARDIAN pharmacy, a korean language academy (HAGWON), and a Korean Community Centre for korean migrants with CIMB bank on the end of the row, as well as a korean boutique.

If you are lost, you can google "Jln 27/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas " on Google Maps. Good luck, and hope you don't get lost!


Miu said...

hey u live around here is it.. coz I live in Mont Kiara, these saloons i never really try b4

CheaKyGal said...

hi hi.. Miu-Miu.

thanks for visiting. I live near Old Town PJ, so Hartamas is a distance to go.

As for the foreign stylists, thats mostly because I am a huge fan of the korean/jap style.

Beauty is a huge part of korean-jap culture, more than in malaysia/singapore, so there's a lot of trained stylists from those parts.

I've not actually been to a local hair-stylist, but then again, this is actually the first time i've had my hair permed in KL (first time was at home with my mom when I was in primary school).

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