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Hartamas, Malaysia: You Jung Hair Salon

When I enquired if there were any korean hair salons in Hartamas, one of my korean friends recommended this one:

The experience of someone on the Malaysian Babes Forum:
" StarFall78's experience at the You Jung Hair Saloon:

I tried volumising rebonding at YouJung in February 2008, a few days before CNY. The price was RM250 including treatment. It was done by a Korean woman. She's very friendly and skillful. It took 3 hours to finish the whole process. Mind you, I don't have much hair and my hair is fine. But the result turned out fine. I like it. She even trimmed my hair a little ( I did the rebonding b4 I went for my haircut at my regular hairstylist, BIANCO). Complimentary service. I'm very pleased. smile.gif
Oya, she uses WELLA products.

I find the treatment machine she used quite fascinating. After the treatment mask applied, she put on a bulky shower cap to cover my hair, and the cap was attached to a pipe and machine. Then the huge shower cap slowly blew up bigger and bigger (the pipe was releasing steam, I believe), and it stayed on for quite sometime. I looked so funny, but it was a fun experience. smile.gif

Overall, I give thumbs up for her service and results too. The price is also reasonable. Btw, Youjung's her name. smile.gif "
You-Jung Hair Saloon
2-1 Jalan 25/70A
Desa Sri Hartamas

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1 comment

lay pyay said...

now the desiner is change.when i go there is good service and good hair cut price.

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