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Eyelash Extensions: RM80 onwards

This morning, my cousin Mabel made a rare visit to church. Since I had nothing to do in the afternoon, I followed her have her eyelash extensions done. It was at her friend's home in Puchong, and since I did not have any plans for the day, I decided to just go with her.


It was interesting. Mabel laid on the couch and then I begin to watch the entire process.
The "beautician" cleaned the area around the eyes and then cut out some white sticky tape and stuck it on the area under her eyes. She then painstickingly and patiently removed the rest of the remaining old eye-lashes.

If you are wondering, it's a lash-by-lash that has to be stuck using some sort of tweezer, and a special kind of liquid glue. The beautician said that after the process, the area should not come into contact to water for at least the next 5 hours.

As Mabel was having her eyelash extensions done, I watched Cars on the television, which was played for the sake of her toddler son who needed it on to catch his attention.

How much time did the entire process take?
About as long as the time taken for Cars to play, which is two hours.

The cost? RM90, for better lashes.
It came in two prices, RM80, and RM90 depending on length, and thickness.

Interested? Leave me your e-mail here, and I could get the contact details from my cousin.


Shirley said... should tell me earlier!! I use to have my eyelash extention for rm700 unlimited refill for 6 months..i miss my long eyelashes!!

chugu.gongjunim said...

Serious ah? How'd i have known you had eyelash extensions done? thats about Rm116 per month. Mabel's one can last maybe 1.5 months.

Oh.. btw, i got this Titus watch from Tropicana Mall for RM199.Published rate was 649RM, and the City Chain was clearing stock. So about 70% off. It's cheap, but I'm going to go broke already.... can't be buying watches for the next half year or so, since I already bought two in less than 30 days.


arwern said...

Dear CY,

Please provide contact detail of the respective salon, thank you.

janicelove said...

Dear cy,

Would appreciate if you could provide me the details for the salon of eyelashes extension.
Thank you

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