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Bizzy Body: The Ambassador Programme 2009

Hi girls... this is my experience.

Today, I finally paid everything in full to Bizzy Body for the Ambassador programme. Supposed loss of 3-5 kilos, and 20 inches.

I'm only 58.5 kilos at the moment, so I only signed up for the lowest priced package...

As with everyone here, I have had my fair share of their "hard-selling" consultants.

Let me tell you how much I have spent so far...
RM 399 (3 x facials )
Rm 399 (4 slimming treatments)
RM 128 (1 Ampoules- to try out).
RM1008 (4 bottles of supplements with 10% discount)
RM4050 (2292- initial package, top-up 598 for RF Trial, RM1160 for top-up)= converted to Ambassador
THe Grand Total being: RM5984

For the RM2292 initial package, I was given 25 days (for Detox package, with no guarantee),and used 9 out of 25, then converted to 22 days (Mix & Match for Ambassador, with supposed guarantee). I had to push the Manager so that she would give me the extra 4 days, and she refused to give me more than 22 days for the package I was paying for. Coz it works out to about RM151.15 for the RM3325.48 I paid (subtracting the 9 days+ adding the top-up of Rm1160 and dividing it btwn 22 days).

Initially, I paid using ATM... How stupid of me to use ATM and pay in full for Rm3300... I realised that every time I went, the consultants would try to push me to try the different packages (facials, health products, whitening masks, detox this and that). Today I paid the remainder of my Top-Up using Post-Dated cheque, stating that my salary didn't come in till the end of the month ... (which is true anyways). Initially, I told the Outlet Manager that I didn't want to continue with the Ambassador program as I was "out of money" (true as well). So she tried to persuade me to "pay up", and added the rest of the 4 days to the programme.

So now, everytime I go to the salon, I don't bring any cards or much cash with me. You know how sometimes you are so persuaded by the consultant to just spend when they "sweet-talk" you? Well, it's very easy & convenient when you have a card so conveniently placed in your purse.... and I gave the impression that I could not afford that much (since I only live by the pay-cheque)

Also, IMHO, if you pay using post-dated cheques, it shows that you don't have that much to spare, the consultants will have less tendency to "push" to you their products, and treatments (since they will get their commission later). Which is better, in my opinion. I like to do my treatments in peace.

Anyways, does anyone knows anything about the RM1008 extra they are supposed to give? and the supposed guarantee that they will continue giving you treatments till you reach your desired weight loss? Who has experience with it?

I have gone for so far for 4+9 Detox & Slimming, and 6 Mix & Match.. over 3 mths, and yet to lose any kilos, but a lot of cm loss though.. which is strange. So finally, abt two visits ago, they brought in their Bizzy Body nutritionist(as they thought it was strange that I couldn't lose any water, nor fat, nor kilos!!). The nutritionist told me that I HAD to go on a diet.. so as a compromise, I went on the Healthy Diet, (and not the Egg Diet, as my body couldn't take it).

So far I hve been cutting down on rice intake, and not eating after 10pm, and trying to drink more water, and after having 7 days of FEVER (yes, had a fever last week), I have gone down to 58.5kgs (normally teetering around 59-60kgs). Yes, and I am also B+ blood type (so have been cutting down on chicken & pork). Oh yes, and my period comes only four times a year. (apparently people who have period four times a year may have a bit more problem with losing carbs than others).

The Manager wanted me to top-up to a higher priced package (and a few more Ks in Ringgit), but I told her that we shall see about that when I can even reach the 5 kilos guaranteed loss. (if we can reach, since I have not lost a single kg yet!). When I was 22 (I'm almost 30 now), I went for a similar Detox & Slimming (about RM1000+ those days), and lost a lot of water after the 3rd or 4th treatment. However, this time round, it didn't, which was really really strange...maybe it's because I'm getting older.

In Summary, I am not sure if it was worth all the hassle of so much money paid, and all the nonsense I had to go through.


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