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Bella Luna Spa: First Experience @ Berjaya Times Square

Today I went for my first visit to Bella Luna. Bella Luna was formerly known as Rustic Nirvana.

The company relaunched with the new brand in early April 2009. The salon caters to mostly female customers, with a focus more on ante-natal, and post-natal mothers, as well as for normal customers who go in for the massages, and facials. Males can only go in for facial therapies.

Their newly launched website "Bella Luna- Perfecting Beauty With Wellness" is more viewer friendly. Their previous website "Rustic Nirvana- Best of the East in One Touch" is more information packed, but is completely search-distressing to the viewer.

A search through their website shows that they provide only 4 types of body therapies being,
1) Botanical Fusion Massage Therapy
2) Black Crystal Sand Therapy
3) Revitalizing Rolling Therapy
4) Power Slim Detox Therapy

Prior to this, I had signed up for their trial services when they showcased their services at a local mall home expo. So I decided to head over to Berjaya Times Square with my mother who had tagged along for an afternoon appointment. As we were early by almost 45 mins, the thought of window shopping did cross my mind, but my mother insisted on just entering the salon. 

On entry, we were asked to fill in a "Profile Form". It was a non-peak time when both of us went into the outlet, so the outlet was quiet and not buzzing with activity.

Before the start of the massage, I was given a plastic shower cap & disposable panties to change into, as well as a "wireless call button" remote. My treatment started with a massage using Jamu Oil. The therapist did asked me for some feedback by enquiring whether it was too painful, or hard.

It was then followed by a Wrap & Steam.

My therapist, M, slathered some concoction of herbs (Spices Detox Mask) on me, and then I was "glad-wrapped". She heated up a rice-cooker which was boiling with a herbal concoction (which was apparently created by the founder of the company in Singapore) and then removed the rice-cooker lid.

M then proceeded to put this "tent" over me, so in essence the hot steam from the rice-cooker heated up the whole tent, causing the steam to condense on the ceiling of the tent and drip back. I laid there for about 20mins or so, and in the process, even fell asleep.

When the 20 mins were up, M then removed the dripping tent. Then she cut off the glad wrap with a pair of scissors, and then asked me to shower in the shower cubicle which was stationed on the side of the room. No, I didn't have to leave the room once throughout my first visit here.

After taking my shower, and drying myself up, I went to the hall, and was served ginger tea. We were then asked to fill up "Feedback" forms on how our therapists fared.

For me, as I had a really bad back, I preferred a massage with more strength, which had resulted from working the long hours during the weekend. So I wrote "would need a harder massage".

Later, I found out from my mother that apparently her therapist, C, had given her a sort of "guasa" therapy, where a search through their current website shows that perhaps my mother had the "Revitalizing Rolling Therapy" which uses quartz crystal & healing stone. Which would have explained that my mother had a "stronger strength" massage compared to mine, and hence, was to her a better experience, being she had no back pain at this time.

It would have been a better experience for me if my therapist had given me a "Revitalizing Rolling Therapy" as well, since I had a bad back. In future, please inform the therapist/SA what you need, and the SA should have not just assumed that every new customer should do the "Botanical Fusion Massage Therapy".

A longer "massage time" would have fared better for me. Apart from that, the service was okay.

Walk-in first trial promos start at RM98 for a body therapy, or facial therapy.

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