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Free Home-Based Dermalogica Facial!

That's for sure!

I was over at a cousin's in Bandar Utama earlier today. It was the time of the night where one is supposed to be headed for home, but it ended up with me being given a trim done to my eyebrows, and a quicky home-based "Dermalogica" facial.

E has worked in Leonard Drake for over 10 years, and on her entire dressing table were litres of the different types of Dermalogica, Averine and Airellis body & skincare products. In her bedroom (my cousins took up one entire "floor" of the family house), there is a "lying down" bed. Which makes it convenient to perform a facial or to have your eyebrows trimmed. There was even a Watsons sauna machine stashed somewhere in the room.

My cousin-in-law also asked if I wanted to get some Dermalogica products from her, as she can get it for staff price, starting from 15% off the retail price! ^^ She is in the midst of family planning, so a home-based salon should definitely be in the plans.

So should anyone be interested in getting Dermalogica products (or their family brands) you may write me here. Home-based facials may have to wait though. ^^

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