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Consumer Protection: Cases of Unscrupulous Lifestyle & Beauty Providers

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All Cases quoted here are taken from:
TTPM (May 2008), "Mudah Murah & Cepat- Claim Your Consumer Rights".

Sandra had signed-up for a 10 session slimming programmed offered by Syarikat N worth RM3600.00 (The slimming programme costs RM3600.00). After completing the 10 sessions in the course of 1 & a 1/2 months, Sandra had a wieght loss of only 1.2 kg and a 2cm reduction of the waist. Sandra felt that this weight loss did not commensurate with the fee that she paid.

Syarikat N further informed Sandra that too much fat had accumulated in her body. She was further advised that in order to loose it, she would have to undergo a few more sessions. For these additional sessions, Syarikat N offered her a discount. Feeling annoyed, Sandra rejected the offer as she ahd lost confidence in Syarikat N. Sandra then signed up for the same programme in Syarikat R. She had an obvous and visible weight loss after 10 sessions of the slimming progamme for the price of RM888.00. Sandra filed a claim in the Consumer Claim's Tribunal against Syarikat N.

AWARD: Before the hearing, Syarikat N returned the full amount to Sandra.

Michelle engaged the services of Syarikat MM Sdn Bhd for hair removal. She was told that she needed to go through 3 or 4 treatments in order to permanently remove the hair above her upper lip. She decided to undergo 4 treatments. However, Michelle's efforts were futile as she underwent not only four treatments but despite undergoing 33 treatments and adding on a further 12 treatments, the hair continued to grow.

Michelle patiently continued with the treatment hoping that it would permanently remove all the hair. It was suggested that she add on another four treatments. Michelle's problems did not end there as her hair continued to grow and become more coarse and darker in colour. The skin around Michelle's lips too became much darker.
The amount claimed by Michelle is RM3,070.00

AWARD: Syarikat MM Sdn Bhd was order to pay damages and cost of RM3,072.00

There are many unscrupulous lifestyle & beauty providers out there that promises "magic" and changes to consumers who fork out their hard earned money. The cases above highlights to consumers that these practices do exist, and we should be aware of it in order to exercise our rights and knowledge as consumers.

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