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Bulguksa Temple @ Gyeongju, South Korea.

Hi guys, I've been occupied at work. My computer still has masses of photos taken from my South Korea & Japan journey which I have yet to upload to my blog.

For today, I have uploaded the pictures taken at Bulguksa Temple in Gyeongju, which is the cultural capital of Korea. It is about 3 hours from Seoul by bus, and if the KTX train is taken, will actually take longer as travellers will need to transfer midway.

I spent about 2 days in Gyeongju. On my arrival & first day in Gyeongju, I mostly just walked around the streets just to get to know the town. Gyeongju is quite a small place, and two & half days is more than enough travel time to visit the area. On my second day, I took a tour bus from the Gyeongju bus terminal (about 15,000 won + 8,000 won for entrance).

For lone travellers, its good to take tour buses (and its very cheap in Gyeongju anyways!) as you can sometimes get to meet other travellers as well. In my case, I met an American & German who had come over from Japan. They were both studying Japanese language at university in Tokyo. So for the rest of my tour bus trip, they were my "English Speaking comrades & mates".

The first landmark on our itinerary was Bulkguksa Temple.

Cheongungyo Pavilion @ Bulguksa
The "stone guards" guarding the entrance to Bulguksa..

Entrance to Bulguksa
The road leading to Bulguksa. The two fellas are the American & German guys I met on the bus.

Frozen drain....
A frozen drain...

Frozen lake..
A frozen lake..

Infamous steps of Bulkguksa..
The infamous steps of Bulguksa..
Bulkguksa Temple
Bulkguksa winter.
Bulkguksa Temple with tourists abounding..
Bulguksa Temple

One of the doors..
Me at one of the doors.

Sokkatap Pagoda @ Bulguksa
Sokkatap Pagoda..@ Bulguksa.

Little figurines
Little figurines...

Handwash area @ Bulguksa
Handwash area to Bulguksa Temple.

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