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A New Blog Announcement! "Events And More"

I started a new blog within Blogger entitled "Events And More", and after some few weeks of trialling its viability, felt that it is time that an (un)official (soft launch) announcement would be suitable to be made of its presence. ^^

As (most of) you would know, I am currently back in Kuala Lumpur, and am branching out to have a hand in event management as well.

This new blog is currently devoted to celebrating the happenings, and misadventures... of my almost non-existent knowledge about marketing, selling, promoting, & everything related to it under the sun.

In the mean time, if you have lots of mindless free time, try checking out my other blog as well to find other amusing entries about Australia & its children, and education system..

More Than Just Early Childhood Education.


Chris said...

hey :) how did your Thirsty Hippo dehumidifier work that you mentioned back in March? I bought one here in Korea, and am hoping it works. So far, using three in different places around the apartment, and no change. It's only been a day though. The humidity is a killer! I'm accustomed to a dehumidifier... like the actual machine, which I KNOW works. I'm skeptical. Such a tiny device in a larger area.

cheayee said...

malaysia is actually much more humid than australia, the STates, and Korea..

I believe that is because it is a tropical country, and the moment you step out of the(air-conditioned) house in malaysia, you'll start having sweat drop from your face in less than 5 minutes.

i heard its much hotter in korea in summer than in Malaysia from the koreans who are living here.

you might be comparing the humidity to the one in the US though, which may seem more humid to what you are used to.

anyways, just to give you an understanding of the background of the weather in KL, its average abt 33-38 degrees here.

so far i had them since march, and the two dehumidifiers I have bought so far are only half filled (in a 22 degrees- air conditioned room). have yet to change them.

One has clear watery liquid (near my make-up table). an another, a really brown and dark liquid (inside my clothes closet).

They say that one of the ways to de-humidify a room is to use the air-con, as it condenses the air. i live with the air-cond evry day since i came back from Australia.. it's just horribly hot and humid here.. i will start sweating in my room (if it weren't for the air-con).

i was using the de-humidifier for the sake of my clothes and makeup (in case they became bad) as well as the fact that i couldn't take the amount of humidity on my face.. which makes my face shine...!

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