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Bad Telephony Service: Reflection

This is a reflection on my previous entry.

I was driving the car today to One Utama when a cousin of mine called demanding to know about a solution to her FaceBook setting queries... since i was occupied, I passed the mobile to my friend, Asta who was sitting beside me.. and she answered my cousin’s query in a very diplomatic manner eventhough she was not required to.
Then it hit me that wat the Sales Assistant at Kanebo lacked was good customer service.
WHat she should have done was instead of denying that such a promotion exists, she should have said something along the lines of “I will call Bridge Alliance to confirm that this promotion is on-going and get back to you,” even though if she was not actually going to.

Which is what Asta had said to my cousin.

With that we concurred that what the Sales Assistant at Kanebo really need is good customer training on how to answer phone calls. SA like these will drive customers away before they even arrive, esp. if the salon is a reputed brand. People expect better “service” jst because it is a good brand. More so if they are on the frontline of a company.

When customers query a merchant about a promotion, they may not necessarily utilize it. but what they want to know is taht the merchant will keep to their word (honour their promotion), and if they cant have the confidence of something being delivered, why would they even want to think of putting down their hard earned cash into the merchant’s pockets?
I shouldn't have to be made to make a call to another outlet, or to write to Kanebo to confirm the details. Perhaps I should have done what Julia Robert's character, Vivian Ward in Pretty Woman did to those ladies who treated her badly just because she didn't have appropriate attire on, and had gone into the shop wearing her new suit stating, "You work on commission right? Big mistake, huge!" and left the shop with a smug look on her face.

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