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Bad Telephony Service: Facial Salon

Today I brought the Elvis Presley audio cd to office... I think the staff are finally feeling a bit nauseated listening to Neil Sedaka's "Sweet Sixteen" being replayed over and over again on the computer. :-P

Anyways, today I experienced what I consider "bad service" from Kanebo International Salon. The personnel at the centre had got my number, and was returning the call.

Everything was fine till I asked her about the a certain promotion that they allegedly have with Bridge-Alliance (which is an alliance relationship between a number of telco companies across a number of countries). The consultant denied any knowledge of the promotion, but instead said that if they had, they would have been informed.... insisting that she was right.

I found that really off-putting.

What she should have done was she should have said that she would re-clarify it with Bridge Alliance, and will call me back to give me more information...

Bad service in other words. So I wrote to Kanebo with the email address that was put forward in the Bridge Alliance website, and asked them to clarify the information with the salon. Maybe the consultant will lose her job. Perhaps she should.

Am currently waiting to see how long before they get back to me.

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