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About Me

Dear readers, welcome to my humble blog.


Otherwise known as CY, or by my pen-name CheaKyGal ^^

The author is a chinese female from Malaysia. She is currently in her late 20s.

A lot of people have asked about my background, so here it is:

I am trained in early childhood education, and hold an International Diploma in Montessori Pedagogies, and Bachelors in Early Childhood Education. I have spent the last 10 years of my life in this field of work.

My life was spent in Australia for the past three years- both as a student, and as an employee. I also maintain a blog about early childhood education and issues, aside from my travel blog.

Now that I reflect on it, I realised that those three years abroad have changed my outlook in life, and myself as a person. I am very proud of my heritage as first an Asian, secondly a Chinese, and third my identity as a Christian believer.

I believe in speaking my rights as both a person and an individual.

In my younger days, I used to be bullied, however as a grown and thinking adult, I believe in speaking up for my rights. No one should be treated less than an individual, or person. Not even the domestic help.

My foray into the world of business, sales & marketing (my current occupation), has led me to develop a stronger sense of self. My mother says I should learn to be diplomatic in the world of business, but I do beg to differ. I do allow myself to be bullied once every often, by consultants at many of the salons I have been to.

However, I do not tolerate bad customer service (nor bad diluted coffee which I pay RM9 for, or food which has flies on it and I have to pay RM15 for it at a so-called upclass coffeehouse), especially if the service has been utmost atrocious.

Amongst other things, I have written official letters complaining about bad service when opening savings account at a bank (Citibank), fittings dropping off Swatch watches, badly written audio language books (Berlitz), refunds on my stolen debit Visa card (Maybank) for sums from RM500-RM1,000, verbal complaints on telephony customer service (Kanebo), etc, and have received good and prompt response from most.

However, I will give credit where its due. ^^

So be not surprised to see just as many customer-related entries in this blog!

I possess combination skin: a T-zone which is oily, and a cheek area which is dry. Hydrated as the facial therapists would call it.

Due to lack of sleep, I am beginning to resemble a panda- maybe a nearby relative!

Oh, and I do love my freckles! ^^

I have spent the first 25 years of my life in Malaysia. The last three years were spent in Australia. Cool, temperate weather. I've also visited New Zealand, South Korea, & Japan.

In the first year of my life in Australia, I did not moisturise my skin much which was a terrible err on my part.  As a result, it was severely neglected!

In order to try to salvage the damage, for the last two years, I had been faithfully cleaning and moisturising my face. Thankfully, it is now back to normal.

Upon my return to KL after three years abroad, I realised that all my friends (reaching the Big Three now) have put on weight.. A bit late, but I realised it is never too early to know the importance of looking after your skin, especially in your mid 20s.

I begin to get interested in the beauty & wellness field due to my work in sales & marketing, where initially most of my customers were from this area. To enlighten myself, I studied and research the information needed to equip myself in understanding the business.

Along the way, I made the decision to write this blog as a way of learning more about beauty & skincare. So join me in my journey, and I hope we will learn much together! I have devoted this blog to the males & females in their late 20s, targeting people of asian descent.

This blog will focus on reviews on beauty services (i.e facial services, spas, salons), some skincare products, tips for a healthy lifestyle and general wellness, travel health, other lifestyle musings, the sometimes good and healthy food dineries, and the occasional author musings.

I don't really do the product review (i.e eyeshadow application, foundation, etc).. just find it a tad bit tedious.

I will also write on handling customer service and complaints, and when able, to negotiate for giveaways and other free gifts & prizes to be given away to my loyal readers!

You may send an mail to [thebeautyregime] at [gmail] dot [com].

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