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Walking on Water.

Today is one of those days.. I think? My mental age does not seem to be catching up as fast as my biological & physical age may be...

My friend, S.H reminds me that I am fortunate to have gone overseas to study, to work and many people who want to do not even have that chance. What am I whingeing about?

I have to remind myself that with the one talent that the Lord has given me, he is multiplying it to be many.

Lord, help me to keep my eyes on you so that I do not sink when I walk on the water.


Ee Lin said...

Hi there.. nice blog you have here .was accidentally bumped into ur blog while i am browsing the net to find some info on studying in korea as i am going to graduate this coming may .but still wondering whether it is the best place or not ...but i certainly hope that i would have a chance to undergo internship before i start to pursue on my graduate studies ..anyway cheers and have a nice day :)

cheayee said...

Hello...If you want to decide whether to go to Korea for a Long Term internship, if you can afford it, take a return trip to Korea for a visit to scout out the place.

Its really hard to say whether you could or could not like the place or not esp. in a place where no one speaks ENglish, and if u have never been there bfore.

I went to Korea because I had a friend there whom i met in sydney. IT was much easier.

I don't know how long your internship will be, but if you are not be able to afford a trip before hand, just keep some tips in mind.

Korea is a place strictly governed by unspoken rule for respect for elders, similar to the Asians & Chinese. When I say strictly, i mean strictly.

There are specific terms for your seniors at the work place and one has to use it accordingly. Their language has three categories of respect depending who you are speaking to.

The people also bow a lot to their seniors. Those who dont, are considered rude. If you go to Japan for a visit (if you are able to), all the above applies too.

Don't worry, its worst in Japan too.. even more conservative!

Further, try to pick up Hangul before you go. Its expensive to get a private tutor in KL, so just get the language tapes and watch all the kdrama to get an idea of how the people there are like before you go.

If you are still new in the language, speak English.... or bring a notebook & pen. Koreans respect asians who speak English more than those who do not.It is also the language that most will have studied in school.

A lot of them have almost similar way of thinking to how the Chinese in Malaysia think, just that the Koreans are very proud of their country.

Most of them are quite conservative in their thinking, so always remember your manners. Don't worry too much and enjoy yourself.

Ee Lin said...

Thanks a lot, Chea yee for ur long reply ..really appreaciate it. :)
Seems that i really need to plan ahead a lot of things before i can really get started ...quite overwhelmed by the procedure i need to go through especially in finding a professor for attachment ...What would be the best way to reach them and discuss?? Do u think email to them works?? As i have sent lots of email but there isnt any replies ..kinda make things difficult to progress .=(

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