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Facial & Body Treatment Packages: Surveying


Facial & Body Treatment Packages: Surveying

Even the decision of purchasing a facial package requires much homework to be done from my part. I don't simply go to any salon to have a facial.

To be able to do so would come mean to say that I am willing to put down my hard-earned-cash to commit to this company, and indirectly tells me that I trust their services and feel that their products are suitable for my skin.

I have checked out four beauty salons in the last two days, to do my homework on their pricing and packaging strategies and to learn more about the products that are out in the market. Of course you'd have to do that to know which brand of skincare is suitable for your face, you know? It's just common sense.

Yesterday I was at Amcorp Mall, and there were at least four beauty salons there. My colleague and I were at Puchong today, and we were overwhelmed by the number of beauty salons in the area. But as I later found out, each of these beauty salons subscribe to a different skincare brands and products.

Anyway, this is what I have found through my research about the skincare brands used in the salons in Malaysia.
The brands I found currently used are:
  • Cellnique (some Malaysian invented but manufactured in USA brand)
  • Dermalogica (which my bro doesn't recommend due to some chemicals in it.)
  • Ortus (a subsidiary under Origins- I like the look of it)
  • Sothys (a Paris European brand- my bro recommends it. Its ingredients were not listed on the Malaysian website, but on its Australian website.)
  • Skin Nutrition (a high end premium American brand-! It seems to be safe as the ingredients were listed on the website and on its product packaging.)
  • Thalgo (A sea marine brand- my bro doesn't recommend due to its ingredients!)
  • Murad. (some cosmeceutical- no idea who.)
  • Dr. Rimpler (another cosmeceutical brand- no idea who).
  • Jurlique (an Australian organic brand suitable for sensitive skin- my bro recommends it! Most of my friends with sensitive skin use it.)
  • Kanebo (a Japanese brand- as most people will know. I heard that they contain a lot of chemicals).
  • Le Peau (a brand from Switzerland- No idea who. Ingredient was not listed on the website).
I am sure that there are more, but these are the few that I found in the past week or so.

I use my brother as the "measuring stick" on to base whether these skincare brands are viable. He has a wealth of information and knowledge on the different types of ingredients used in skincare products, and does so due to his circumstances- he has sensitive skin, and a case of acne in those earlier years.

He even goes to two salons, DermaSoft, and Herbaline to have facials done. I Am Impressed.

By looking at the list of ingredients, my brother is able to tell me if it is safe, or whether his skin will react to it. So if its good for my brother, and he gives the green light, I will safely go for it. If the ingredients are not to be found on the website before hand, he won't recommend it as he feels that products that do not dare to share their ingredients may have something to hide.

The rule in participating salons are restricted to only one in each area they are servicing. This is to control the marketing and distributing of the brand's products and services.

So, how does it goes when one goes around after seeing their promotional brochures and flyers? They normally go for the first trial. First trial treatments function to allow the beauty services consultant to give an analysis on how well the skin of the client is, and to observe whether their skin reacts, or responds to the product's ingredients.

The pricing for Eye, Facial & Body Management Treatments I have found are as follows:

Eye & Facial Treatments

  • Eye Treatments run generally for about RM80 average per treatment and for the duration of about 30 minutes +.
  • Trial Facials range from RM50/60- to about RM90 and normally may come with a free gift as well.
  • The more expensive ones will run to about RM156 for first trials, and subsequent even more, like that which is sold at Sothys, or Clarins.
Body Management
Body Management treatments, depending on the company, for their trials, could be free or up to about RM40, including a free body management product. The reason some salons don't charge for the body treatments is because the ingredients for the Body Management treatments are not as costly as those for facials, and the body is able to absorb the normal ingredients as opposed to ingredients which are used on the face.

However, my survey tells me that treatments average to about RM150+ over even if bought in a package. Some salons charge less, if only for the sake of closing a sale, or will throw in more products/treatments for free just to meet the sales quota!

For facial packages, most salons normally throw in some products, (or maybe just one?). From what I know, you could opt for more home care products for face maintainence, and get less treatments, or less treatments, but more home care face products.

Would you go for a package that offers more home-care products & less treatments, or more treatments but less home care products? I have not really thought this through yet though.
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Walking on Water.


Walking on Water.

Today is one of those days.. I think? My mental age does not seem to be catching up as fast as my biological & physical age may be...

My friend, S.H reminds me that I am fortunate to have gone overseas to study, to work and many people who want to do not even have that chance. What am I whingeing about?

I have to remind myself that with the one talent that the Lord has given me, he is multiplying it to be many.

Lord, help me to keep my eyes on you so that I do not sink when I walk on the water.


14th April: Happy Belated Black Day!

Ok.... I am one day late...

The 14th of each month holds a special day for all lovers related.

So, to all the single korean (and non korean) male & females,

Happy Belated Black Day!

(with this Jajang-Myon picture I found on the Internet.)


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