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Will be SWAMPED @ Work!

The next two weeks will be HECTIC! I am currently helping in my family's business, and I'll need help with closing and servicing accounts which by the next two weeks. Yup, so it will be a lot of rushing in the next two weeks before the set-up of our exhibition in Midvalley.. remember to check us out on the 20-22nd of March at Midvalley Exhibition Centre.

Anyways, that apart, been having some problems with my Flcker uploader, so you guys just have to wait before any further pictures of winter, ice-skating and all kinds of interesting pictures in Seoul. hehe.. ^^

I was trying to search through the Astro magazine trying to look for a Japanese channel, but only the Animax (anime) channel turned up.... and there are no subtitles... don't mind me.. I do enjoy anime, but in English??

*shakes head vigorously!!*

Thanks... but I think I'll pass. If its in Cantonese, that will still be okay, but anime IN English takes the fun out of it. I grew up watching Doraemon & Sailor Moon in Malay, so that was different, and its still cute in Malay, ... but anime in English?? So "un-japanese"...

In the past Sundays, I normally do my Astro decoder recording for the entire week, and I realise that I haven't even had time to watch last week's recordings! While skipping through the recorded shows, I found some interesting revelations on how KBS W schedule their shows.. as it is, I am currently following Iron Empress (Cheon Chu) on KBS W, and it seems that the 2-hour drama that I recorded this week, was actually last week's 2 episodes and is behind by two episodes.. well, in a way, that is a good thing, since I really only need to watch 2 hours of that particular drama in a fortnight, and catch up on other shows with it...

For K-Shows, I am currently also following Boys Over Flowers (shown on Monday & Tuesday), Golden Bell Challenge, Star Golden Bell (when possible), Love in Asia, 1 Night 2 Days, Chitchat with Beautiful Ladies, and when possible with subtitles, Hometown Report.

Yup, *SUBTITLES* are very important for a 4th Language Learner.... (4th language since I already speak English, Malay, and Cantonese... hehehe).. If you are wondering, it is common for the Malays to be bi-lingual, but most Chinese & Indians will be tri-lingual, as they normally speak their own dialects within their families and communities. ^^

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