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Thirsty Hippo dehumidifier@ humid Malaysia.

Every since I returned to KL, I realised that my face has had a more greasier feel than usual....

When I was in Sydney, and Korea, I had to slab on the moisturisers everyday. However due to the humid nature of Malaysian air, I had to cut down on the number of moisturisers I have been using. It is also easy to feel really dirty & sticky in the humid weather as the rate of perspiration will be higher.

I realised too that the shoes in the cabinet have caught on tons of mold, that I wouldn't want to use it. To solve the problem of the overly humid weather, when I was at Mydin today, I decided to get the Thirsty Hippo. It apparently is a Korean made product (as said so on the packaging).

In order to make the air dry, one either has to turn on the air conditioner, or use a dehumidifier. The Thirsty Hippo was retailing for about RM5+ each, but if you bought 4 (being buy 3, get 1 free), it sold for about RM15+, which was cheaper in bulk.

In general, dry air (like the one in Sydney, and in Korea during winter) is good for food, shoes and clothing. Two years ago, I had wanted to make siew yook (roast pork) in Malaysia. In order to do that, one has to salt the pork meat and let the meat absorb it.

However what works in Australia, DOES NOT work in Malaysia. In Australia, you could let the meat to dry on the kitchen table, but here, you can only do that by leaving it to dry in the refridgerator. If not, the meat will develop a really wet substance (due to the high humidity) on the surface of the meat.....


Cases of mildew would happen less as they only thrive and grow well in humid air. I did see some mothballs on sale, but I didn't like the look of mothballs, and they have very strong pungent fumes which is not good for either the environment, or to the human body.

Even musical instruments, and owners of high-end priced cameras have to take pains to ensure that their equpment are kept in cool, dry air.

24th August 2009: Edited
Ok, I must say that the Hippo did fill up rather quickly in my room . Just means that malaysian weather is rather humid.

Elsewhere, I read that South Korea can be very humid in summer, as it rains a lot. Hence, that is why the Thirsty Hippo was produced for their humid summers.

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