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South Korea: New Years 2009' Snowboarding @ Jisan Forest Resort 2009!

To my readers, been really busy in the last week just preparing for our exhibition in Midvalley. The Internet is also a bit cranky at days, and have tons of work... so sorry for the delay of more pictures from Korea..

Yup, I might have spent Christmas in Sydney, but I spent my New Years Day in South Korea, which is one of the more important days in the year. This day is quite important to the Japs, but that's another story.

For this instalment of the South Korea series, this entry is devoted entirely just to New Years Day... SO ENJOY!!

Everyone was gathered together to have "dduk" at HyunJu's "billa" where her parents stay. Just a time of get-together.

If you are wondering why they are sitting on the floor, that's because it is a common practice for most Koreans & Japs to sit on the floor to have their meals. They normally have cushions on the floor... and yes, it was difficult for me to sit like that to have my meals, but to them it is normal!

They do have chairs, of course, as you will see in the next picture!

At the Jisan Forest Resort later in the night on the same day...

Yup, it was an ad-hoc last minute decision since every other place was closed..


View of the snow-capped ledge... from one of the many cafeterias.


Eun Heung (spelling?) Jo's sis-in-law...

Beautiful, isn't it?

Our delicious spread of banchan and bibimbap for dinner that night that costs 8,000 won per person.


Outside of the "Dur Bab" sik-dang. Everyone removes their shoes at the entrance and places it
on a shelf. Yes... we walk barefoot on the floors...


All dolled up and ready to go in a space-suit. LOL.

The rental of the space suit and snowboard came up to 31,000 won... it didn't cost as much because we were doing it half day, and on the lower part of the mountain, without using the skiing lifts, which would have cost a bomb. Further to that, Eun Heung also has some of her own skiing attire, so that saved a lot of our costs. ^^

If you want to know, I think the snow was mostly man-made.. as it couldn't stick together when we tried to make a snow-man with it! >_< IMG_0290
Yup, it's freezing cold out here. LOVELY.

The Looker. Hope you had a nice New Year 2009 yourself too!!

P.S. If you're wondering, I gave up after almost two hours of learning to snowboard. My experience with ice-skating taught me that snowboarding (and ice-skating) takes YEARS of practice. So there!

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