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South Korea: Day 3 @ Insa-dong

So in this second instalment of my trip in Korea, on Day Three, HyunJu, her elder sister, and her niece & nephew, and I headed down to the city to go ice-skating. We headed down to Insa-Dong later after that.

These pictures below were taken after our ice-skating session.. and here we are transferring to another subway station at Sindorim.

Subways always packed....!

The sign states "Sindorim".

Franklin Planners... one of the more popular & expensive planners around.

South Koreans rummaging through planners...

More planners..

Even more planners....

and planners... By NOW, I am sure that you would have realised that the Koreans are crazy about planners!

For dinner, we headed to a sik-dang, and then headed off to a Burger King to use the restroom facilities. When I was there, I noticed the waste disposal area.. for those who are not aware, in Korea, the garbage is separated to paper, plastic, food, liquids and glass. The glass bottles as you can see, are left on top of the garbage area.. the same is done in ALL the fastfood restaurants, canteens, cafeterias and at home.

The reason for this is mostly due to economic factors, whereby, the govt has made it in such a way that their waste & garbage will only be picked up by the waste disposal services using certain plastic bags which they have to buy. It's strict enforcement, BUT IT WORKS!!! (at least not a tidak-apa attitude like what we have in Malaysia here!)

Waste is separated to paper, plastic straws & lids, food, & liquids. The bottles are normally left on top.


At Insa-dong...
Insa-dong is located in Jongno-gu in Seoul. It is a favourite shopping alley for foreigners, with lots of cheap souvenirs, knick-knacks, & traditional art, pottery & antiquarian books for sale. One of the nearest subway stations to Insa-Dong is Jonggak (located on the Seoul Subway Line 1- light blue colour).

Hyunju looking at the nteresting trinkets..

A row of sik-dangson this side...

A nice looking sik-dang from outside...

At the main shopping mall in Insa-Dong...

Posing with HyunJu's niece & nephew in front of Dalki. Dalki means "strawberry" in Hangul.

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