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Maybank: Payment reinstated.

Previous to this, I was writing about someone having swiped my card.

Here's a piece of good news to all who haven't had any. Some time last week, I received a call from an agent of Maybank who told me that the amount that was swiped from my account will be absorbed by them!

The best part was that I didn't have to prove anything.. apart from writing a letter in..

The lesson learnt is that .. if you are in Malaysia, and intend to start a Maybank Visa Debit account (or at any other banks), think twice about putting too much into it. For even though the card may have many safety features, it is useless unless the human factors are vigilant in enforcing the protocol and procedure in checking that signatures on cards are matching.

Otherwise, just stick to the pin-based type of ATM card/EFTPOS. It may be a hassle, or look "uncool", but at least no one can simply swipe your card and use up all your money!

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