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Malaysian humid air bad for skin.

That is what I believe so.

After returning from Australia, & Korea, it really hit home that Malaysia indeed is a "Tropical Country".
Mosquitoes, and insects *abound freely* in this humid country.

*swats another mozzie away*

When I was in Korea, I bought huge amounts of products from Face-Shop... (HEI, it was CHEAP! Instead of what the retailers here who are over-charging for every product.. especially that Raspberry Root Mask thingy, selling currently for RM100.00 which I had bought for less than 17,000 won)..

On my return to Malaysia, I realised that it was unsuitable for me to use the supposedly recommended amount of moisturisers as the air here is already so humid! (nevermind..I can still keep it for further use it when I fly to Australia... hehe.)

To my surprise, I realised that my face was becoming "Empress OIL" all over again. Not only that, I have been using Etude Shop's BB Cream that Eun Heng (HyunJu's sis-in-law) had given me as a farewell present... and the BB Cream itself seems to have high content of moisture as well.. ..

I would say that for people with skin which have the tendency to perspire and of much oil content, a cool, dry temperate climate like that which is found in Australia is much more suitable for their skin. The fact that one has to put in the effort to keep the skin constantly moisturised & hydrated is a small price to pay .. at least their skin won't break out as often.

Though so, the fact that my face is reverting back to its original skin properties ( = meaning oily!) shows that I have been moisturising my face well enough = taking care of my skin properly. That's definitely a good thought to ponder on. ^^

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