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Valentine's Day: The Korean Way.

Now that Valentine's Day is almost here (like maybe 6 hours from now).. the reality of the day is here...

Malaysians celebrate Valentine's Day the western way. The guy gets the girl the chocs, the candies, the roses, the gifts.. there is so much expectation on the man to get the perfect gift. Flowers. Etc... There is also so much pressure on both males and females to get a date... , or at least sigh, to be seen out on a date.. and everyone bemoaning their single status....

Having spent the last month in Korea & Japan, I have come to actually like the idea of doing Valentine's Day the Korean way. LOL.

Did you know that on Valentine's Day in Korea, the girls get the guys chocolates?

However, the next month,on March 14th, the guy reciprocates on what is called the WHITE CHOCOLATE Day by getting the girl chocolates (and gifts, whatever he wants to give).

There is also another day, which is BLACK Day, on the 14 of April, where those males & females who didn't get chocolates on either Valentine's,or White Chocolate Day will go to a Chinese (but Korean style) restaurant and order JaJangMyeon.......

Tecnically it's only all the singles who will go and order JaJangMyeon. It is not such a bad idea, because it is the night where all the SINGLES will go to the store and order it. So in default, it is like an unofficial Singles Bar and who knows, even SINGLES on that day may get lucky.......!

Now, if only I knew a Korean, or Japanese guy (or girl pal) whom I can give chocolates too.... Hmmmm....

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