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South Korea: Day 1 & Day 2.

It was with a feeling of trepidation that I had boarded the Korean Air heading towards Seoul on the 28th of December 2008. My flatmate, Suryanti, had accompanied me to the Sydney Airport at 6am on a Sunday morning when everyone was still fast asleep in bed.

However because I had checked-in early (one of the first ten passengers!), I did not have to pay for extra luggage charges (was over the weight limit by almost 10 kilos, not including my 10-kilo hand luggage).

Suryanti and I had our "last" morning brekkie meal set together in Hungry Jacks.. and then I set forth to board the Korean Air jet plane... however my trepidation was not to last...

Now, after my return from my one month traversing from the Republic of Korea & Japan, here it is finally, the long awaited pictures of my trip.. I loved my trip there, and hope that you too will enjoy your time there too!!


Day 1: 29th December 2008

On the first day, the first thing I did before heading to Myeongdong was to head to the subway to get my T-Money. It is a travel card that allows us to take the bus, subway, make phone calls and even purchases on the same card. I went with HyunJu to MyeongDong.. one of the famous and popular streets. A lot of Japanese travellers come here... and loads of skincare boutiques like FaceShop, Innis, Etude House, HanSkin, Misscha, and etc...

Dunkin Donuts
In front of Dunkin Donuts...very popular donut & coffee place in Korea.

Myeongdong street
A scene from Myeongdong street... known for cheap stuff, streetware, street food and etc.

Myeong Dong- Lotte Young Plaza.
Lotte Young Plaza abt 5pm ish in winter.

Hot Cold Water Dispenser
Hot & Cold water dispenser in the Lotte Young Plaza departmental store.

Day 2: 30th December 2008

On the 2nd day, I met with Han, HyunJu's previous workmate. Han works in a Hagwon (language school). We went to COEX Mall (served by Samseong Station on Seoul Metro Line 2).

Coex Mall bookshop
HyunJu in a bookstore.

COEX Mall...
Lunch at Bennigan's- a steak place. The bill came about to about 18,000 won per person.. notice the number of Point Cards they use?!!! (similar to something like Bonuslink for almost everything they use...) Its a very prevalent practice in both Korea & Japan!

In front of Coex Mall
In front of COEX Mall..

Coex Mall

Some billboard of someone on a motorbike!

After COEX Mall, we took the subway to Kangnam, which is a few stops away from COEX Mall. Kangnam is a bit like Bangsar, and has lots of rich expats with money to burn, and office area.
Roti Boy in Kangnam..
RotiBoy in Kangnam!

Mannequins.... street style fashion in a boutique in Kangnam.

Kangnam... indoor shop street style.
More mannequins in the same boutique...

Scene from Kangnam..

PC BANG (an internet cafe), and Ministop (similar to 7-Eleven)

Dinner in Kangnam..
Sundubu.. banchan. Brown rice in stone bowl pot, which is filled with hot water after the rice is eaten. My dinner was about 6,000 won.

Dinner in Kangnam in a typical korean sik-dang (restaurant). Putting hands around the pot to keep it warm after coming in from the cold outdoors.

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