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Human Behaviour 101 @ IOI Mall.

The title sure looks funny. LOL.

This afternoon, I met up with Asta. She is one of my old chums, and was telling me how one of her friends was laughing away last night when I had replied by text stating that I didn't know how to drive my way to Sunway Pyramid... so we finally decided to meet somewhere in the middle- IOI Mall (which was nearer with not so many highways in between!).

Today I observed some really bad human behaviour demonstrated which I shall share in this entry today.

Sloth-like Service @ Wendy's Restaurant:
First off for lunch, we headed up to Wendy's, which is an American fastfood restaurant similar to Mcdonalds or KFC. The fastfood sets i.e 1/4 pounder burger with a drink & chips ran up to about about RM10.50 (including tax). I was waiting in line, and in front of me was this couple who took their own sweet time ordering...
It was extremely a terrible slow service for only two people waiting in line!!

Wendy's may have an excellent menu, but such extremely slow service? Here I am wondering here whether we should even patronise the restaurant in future! It will really drive the customers away! Indeed, it was a terrible let-down for a reintroduction to Wendy's for me.. !!

Sales Talk @ Fitness First
Then after, we headed to Fitness First to enquire about membership options.... apparently all new members are supposed to pay a certain amount of joining & administration fees.... if I remember rightly, I don't think I actually did... anyways, our consultant, Jeanne, who spoke to both of us checked our details and found out through the computer our details. Yes, if you are wondering, we were both members previously. Jeanne decided to "waive" our joining & administration fee... and allow us pay the fees that we had previously paid before. (which I won't reveal here).

But sales talk being sales talk, I doubt anyone actually needed to pay either joining & admin fee. There is a brochure that shows the price, but well, all in all, everything is a sales gimmick.. we all want sales, and we all want money. Some of the things that a company produces is based on understanding of human psychology.

Did we join? Well, I'm waiting for Asta to find time before I will go.. I definitely think it will be a good idea for us to go anyways. The deal given to us is good deal anyways.

Bench Hoggers

When I was there, I was looking for a place to sit down. In front of the movie theatre, there were benches for people to sit. However both benches were occupied by each one person who took up the entire bench. I remembered that during my time in Japan & Korea, if someone occupied an entire bench, my friend Ai Ling would nudge me and tell me that these fellas were being rather inconsiderate. I didn't understand it then though... until now!

I wanted to find a bench to sit however but then Asta then said to me that we should walk around a bit, I then decided to follow her lead. Later, after a while when we finally found a place to sit, I explained to Asta that when I was in Korea & Japan, it was an "unspoken rule" that if anyone put on that sort of "inconsiderate behaviour" (being bench hoggers, that is) regardless of whether they were older or not, we could tell them to move to on side and sit as if we didn't, they wouldn't budge..

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