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Konnichiwa from Tokyo!

Konnichiwa readers!!!

The last weekend was spent in Hakata with Haruna & her hubbie, and they patiently took me around to all the sights & sounds of Hakata. I also met Emey, Haruna's uni friend.

On Friday, Haruna made okonimiyaki for dinner. Her home was small & cosy. On Saturday, we went to the Yusentei Garden which is near her home. It is a garden tea built in 1754 by a feudal lord of the Kuroda Clan.. (no idea who that is). We went for yakitori at this traditional type janese restaurant nearby. The food was liberally sodium-ised...

On Sunday, we went shopping together with Emey to Tenjin and had a look around the shrines. On Monday, we went to the Kyushu National Museum and to the shaolin nearby. Thanks for your patience and time, Haruna!

Anyways, I am now in Tokyo... bunking over at Ai Ling's for two nights. We went around to a Butler cafe (where females cos-play as butlers) yesterday night and had sushi. Met up with Ai Ling's friend, Jenny who is American.

Today we will go to Chocolate Cafe, Akihabara, and check out the various Hello Kitty boutiques in Shinjuku...! Ok, will write more later when I have time.... Ja neh!

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