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Back in Kuala Lumpur!!

Hi guys....

I am finally back in Kuala Lumpur! Been back for about a week now.

Well, the first few days were a bit hard as there was a heat wave, and coming back to +30 degrees, after spending about a month in -10 degree Celsius temperature needs time to adapt back. Even Sydney wasn't this hot (& humid!), and we have wind there every so often, so it wasn't so bad.

Malaysia isn't known for its wind, nor temperate climate, so I really miss that kind of temperature (the australian or south korean one which is better for my skin anyways).

Anyways, leave me a comment here, (it will go straight to my mail box),and I will try to get back to you.

Catch you guys soon!


Jiaren said...

are u in KL for good or what?

cheayee said...

hello Jiaren..

I applied for PR. If the case officers call me, i will have to leave as it is an onshore application. In the mean time, I will be in KL.

Where are you now?

Jiaren said...

I'm now in Scotland..will be in England in 24hrs, and finally Miri in another 24hrs.

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