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Back in Kuala Lumpur!!


Back in Kuala Lumpur!!

Hi guys....

I am finally back in Kuala Lumpur! Been back for about a week now.

Well, the first few days were a bit hard as there was a heat wave, and coming back to +30 degrees, after spending about a month in -10 degree Celsius temperature needs time to adapt back. Even Sydney wasn't this hot (& humid!), and we have wind there every so often, so it wasn't so bad.

Malaysia isn't known for its wind, nor temperate climate, so I really miss that kind of temperature (the australian or south korean one which is better for my skin anyways).

Anyways, leave me a comment here, (it will go straight to my mail box),and I will try to get back to you.

Catch you guys soon!
Blogging from the Mee Yong Seel!


Blogging from the Mee Yong Seel!

This is a one-of-a-kind entry post.

I am now in a Korean hair salon (or "mee yong seel" as they call it). Yes, the word is almost to the chinese equivalent.

Anyways, here I am in the hair salon, waiting for my perm to be done, and sitting under a huge "hair heater". In front of me is a row of Samsung desktops connected to the internet for the patron's use as they wait for their hair to be done.

If only the hair salons in Malaysia (or Australia) could afford such luxury (which I doubt they will as everything to them is money).. and this hair salon is in one of the most inexpensive areas to have my hair done.

The area where this place is located is near the Ehwa's Women's University, and the street style fashion areas, where clothes are sold for unbelievably low prices!
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Back in Seoul..


Back in Seoul..

Hi readers... I am back in Seoul now for another week before heading home!!

Will edit the blog properly when I have time.
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Konnichiwa from Tokyo!


Konnichiwa from Tokyo!

Konnichiwa readers!!!

The last weekend was spent in Hakata with Haruna & her hubbie, and they patiently took me around to all the sights & sounds of Hakata. I also met Emey, Haruna's uni friend.

On Friday, Haruna made okonimiyaki for dinner. Her home was small & cosy. On Saturday, we went to the Yusentei Garden which is near her home. It is a garden tea built in 1754 by a feudal lord of the Kuroda Clan.. (no idea who that is). We went for yakitori at this traditional type janese restaurant nearby. The food was liberally sodium-ised...

On Sunday, we went shopping together with Emey to Tenjin and had a look around the shrines. On Monday, we went to the Kyushu National Museum and to the shaolin nearby. Thanks for your patience and time, Haruna!

Anyways, I am now in Tokyo... bunking over at Ai Ling's for two nights. We went around to a Butler cafe (where females cos-play as butlers) yesterday night and had sushi. Met up with Ai Ling's friend, Jenny who is American.

Today we will go to Chocolate Cafe, Akihabara, and check out the various Hello Kitty boutiques in Shinjuku...! Ok, will write more later when I have time.... Ja neh!
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Off to Gyeongju in a few hours!


Off to Gyeongju in a few hours!

Annyong Haseyo!

Ok guys, today I finally headed off to visit the Gyeongbokgung Palace.. and to the Folk Museum. There were some interesting customs and practices in the Folk Museum that I find very similar to the Chinese customs (serving tea, taking civil examinations, the 12 animal zodiac, the importance of male descendents..) but anyways, that is another story.

I will be away for the next two weeks (look at my previous previous entries) and heading off to Gyeongju, Busan, Hakata, Tokyo and taking the ferry from Osaka back to Busan in the next 10 days!

Leave me a note or entry here, and I will try to get back to you soonest possible! It goes straight to my e-mail anyways! Ta-ta!
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