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Update from Korea!! ^^

Hi people, how are you all? I have arrived safely in Korea, and am now staying at my friend's place in Yeok-Gok, which is a suburb outside the area of Seoul. I arrived safely from Sydney in Seoul (Incheon Airport) after about 10 hours flight.

My departure was at Australian time 09:00am, and 17:40am at Seoul time. (not sure how many hours difference anyways yet). I will post up the pictures later, when I get back home (and have more time). Anyways, let me tell you where I have been so far.

So far, although I have planned an entire (useless) itinerary, my preplanned and post plans were entirely two different things. Nevermind.

On Monday, I visited Myeong-Dong, which is an entire cheap shopping tavern and street. A lot of Japanese head there!

On Tuesday, I visited Samseong & KangNam (which the areas are a bit like Bangsar) and a lot of expats and so called English speaking people are supposed to be around this area. ..

Tomorrow.. well, have no idea yet, but as Jo's niece & nephew are over, we might go ice-skating... so much for any trips to any temples, Hallyu sights or palaces.. maybe later... maybe later.


InMySeoul said...

Congratulations on arriving in Korea!!

So...what are your initial thoughts?

I loved Myeong-dong...I'm not a real big shopper, but I just really like walking the streets and "people watching"

If you want to see a lot of English speakers then you'll need to head over to Itaewon. That is where you'll run into the most foreigners. Its where the US military personnel usually hang out.

Don't forget to go to Gungbukdo palace. It is very famous!

Don't forget to take a lot of pictures, even if you have to wait to post them until after your trip!

Have fun!

cheayee said...

Its been a couple of days... Hmmm... i actually haven't really seen that much... mostly only shopping areas and complexes. I have to book a tour to go around. Oh well.

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